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Karen Johnson is an internationally recognized shamanic and energy healer, metaphysician and somatic experiencing practitioner and trauma therapist.

Her psychic and intuitive abilities enable her to assist individuals in opening and rapidly evolving their souls doing in-depth, clairvoyant-empathic life and business sessions and teach intuition development and perceptual skills training.

She quickly hones in on the emotional and spiritual reasons behind her clients’ physical, emotional and mental challenges and conditions.

She works internationally with people and businesses interested in psychological and spiritual growth and interested in transforming their lives and organizations.

Karen’s own path was intercepted when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in her late twenties.

Through her journey back to health she underwent many spiritual and mystical experiences that opened her to seeing the endless possibilities when you begin to explore consciousness.

 Karen also has a website  where you can learn more about her services and read her extensive library of articles:

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 About You

Why include an About you section in my About me Page?

This blog is about sharing information on how to find your centre and nurture your soul.

Bring forward into your daily life tools, options and thought starters about how to be more conscious, authentic and reach from the soul upwards to find your own rhythm and distinct voice in the world.

I believe that Knowledge is Power and sharing information allows more to come to all of us and to help raise the energy and vibration.  It’s aim is to bring meaningful and soulful dialogues to help us question the status quo and how to move forward in new ways.

I welcome comments and what I’ve come to discover is that this blog has brought together a community of like minded people who share similar and different view points and finding their own distinct voices and rhythm.

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Phone  416 732 2661

115 Danforth Ave., Suite 201   Toronto
3 minutes to Broadview subway station
and 1 block east of DVP


Karen also has a website  where you can learn more about the services she offers and read her extensive library of articles:

This blog is about metaphysical, mystical and spiritual exploration…
Let the Journey Begin….
~ Karen ~