Work with Karen

Inner Alchemy was launched to inspire you to soar in your personal growth and development to expand consciousness through the healing arts, subtle energy awareness, evolving intuitive abilities and developing true vision.  

To support people to live their ultimate truth and embrace their potential.  Knowledge is Power.  Helping you enhance your listening skills so you learn to listen withheartness and begin understanding what is needed on an individual and at a collective level.  This is about standing together with a clear intent.  We do not do this alone. 

Discover how to express your truth beyond the limitations of words.  Together we can transform your world, liberating your own inner healing powers and reconnecting you with your divine nature.   Let go of the old stories that no longer serve your highest aspirations allowing you to shine.  A safe and nurturing place for you to rediscover your deep inner knowing, your inner freedom and power, one step at a time.



Individual Session                                 

This powerful Inner Alchemy session utilizes the abilities I have developed to work with those who are at a serious juncture in their lives.  We begin by setting an intention and connecting.   Where we go and how we get there is dependent on your unique individual needs. 

Intuitive Personal Consult         

Life can be unsettling, and confusing.  You seek clarity.  To understand more deeply and see more clearly.  It’s time to unlock your connection and regain the peace and clarity that comes with a deeper understanding and knowing.

Intuitive Business Consult       

An established and successful entrepreneur herself, the foundation of Karen’s work is guiding people to uncover their vision, strengths and gifts.  Intuitive vision and healing for small and medium-sized businesses:   Energy Assessment, Clearing and Transformation

Soul Expression Intensive  

Inviting you to dive deeper into the parts of you that you may have forgotten but your soul remembers. Allowing this touches us in places we never have visited before, as the physical, emotional and subtle bodies contain so much untapped potential.   

Remote Sessions by phone or Video 

All sessions are available in person at my Riverdale office or by phone or skype for distance sessions.

Individual Session

This powerful session utilizes my abilities.  We have all experienced difficulties, painful events, traumas and losses at some point in our lives.  Knowing who to turn to for support and understanding can sometimes be difficult.  As a result, we often feel isolated and alone.  Crisis in life can propel us forward as we move through life transitions.

We begin by setting an intention and connecting.  Where we go and how we get there is dependent on your individual need and dictated by your higher self.  Working intuitively allowing you to release fears, repairs old wounds and address deep seated subconscious traumas that have kept you in a holding pattern.  Releasing the underlying root causes of your challenges creating a new more open flow and expanded consciousness.

Healing is gentle but the results are dramatic.


Intuitive Personal Consulting  

Life can be unsettling, confusing.  You are seeking clarity.  To understand deeper and see more clearly.   The best and the worst experiences we go through in life all have a reason.  The extraordinary moments are enhanced and the difficult times become easier to navigate when you have fuller understanding.  

We all have access to our sixth sense: intuition, perception, psychic however you label this very instinctual ability innate in each of us.  Some refer to it as intuitive intelligence, inner wisdom or higher consciousness.  Whatever you label it… it is within your abilities.  Some may have easier access but each of us has a direct line connecting with higher consciousness.  A flowing fountain of infinite wisdom.

It’s time to unlock this connection and regain the peace and clarity that comes with a deep understanding and knowing.  Together we locate the experiences, energies and emotions preventing you from living a peaceful, purposeful, welcoming life.  Helping you get the answers to questions and guiding you to be your own best pathfinder and access your inner guru.  You already are… you just need to remember how.


Business Intuitive Consulting   

The Roots Program

An established and successful entrepreneur herself, the foundation of Karen’s work is leading people to uncover their vision, strengths and gifts.   She has designed the Business Roots Program to help people move forward creating the business of their dreams and helping them see it through from the roots of inspiration upward.  If it’s an established business we work on the glitches and move it up to the next level.

Many work with me to find their purpose which has been inside them all along…or on what’s preventing them from moving forward.  This work is amplified by healing the unconscious aspects holding them back, obstructing their ability to move forward. I have worked with people from various backgrounds who are starting their own businesses.


Energy Strategy Planning

Intuitive vision and healing for small and medium-sized businesses:
Energy Assessment, Clearing and Transformation

1.  Assessment

I’ll walk you through your list of questions.  Help you understand the energy and the imbalances at play.  Relating to your business, staff, products, services and looking at what is working and what is not.  I work with you to ferret out potential problems, alleviate unforeseen glitches and help you align to your higher vision and direction. 


2.  Clearing

Everything contains an energetic frequency and vibration.  I work to eliminate those negative and outdated frequencies which are holding your business back and impeding your success.  This clearing will increase the energetic flow that impacts the performance of your business and results in increased efficiency and success.


3.  Transformation

The work we do addresses the energy in motion of your space (energetic, physical or electronic) as well as people, products and even intellectual properties and transmuting dense or dark energy and clearing anything that no longer moves your business forward.   This Transformation step is the sealant, so to speak, of the Assessment and Clearing processes.  This will create the greatest sustainable impact possible.


Karen also has her Awakening Heart and Soul website  where you can learn more about her services and read her extensive library of articles