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Inner Alchemy is about the journey we undertake to align with our authentic power.  The transmutation that we experience as we align with our soul energy can only be done by our journey from unconsciousness to consciousness.

A place of transformation creating a space to be curious, explore and expand into the most authentic part of yourself.  A welcoming and safe environment with a spiritual foundation for all who decide to enter.  A holistic approach focusing on the entire person: body, mind, spirit; uplifting one’s energy and consciousness to regain balance in your life.


The idea that we create our own reality is more widespread than ever.  We are more powerful than we can imagine.  Our intentions, words, language all have a consciousness and that consciousness creates.  Today, experiments in quantum physics support the view that we shape our reality with our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

Feeling totally influenced by our outer reality, many of us lose the thread.  We move faster, work harder, think more:  constant victims of circumstances beyond our control.   Thinking if we relocate, take another job, a new relationship, have more money, then we will be happy.  We try to control and change the people, the  circumstances and events surrounding us in order to feel empowered:  it’s not working.


Karen Johnson, Founder

Karen understands that when the energy of the soul is acknowledged and recognized it begins to permeate the life of the personality.  When the personality comes into balance with the energy of the soul this creates authentic embodiment and empowerment.

Working with Karen you’re guided to uncover more of the authentic truth of who you are, beyond a distorted self perception preventing you from experiencing a deeper awakening of your own heart.  Karen brings over 20 years of extensive experience as an esoteric and intuitive healer with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdom, mystic arts.  She is natural and real… authentic and genuine.

With over two decades of experience in the study of alternative health, somatic experiencing trauma resolution,  ancestors, esoteric and ancient teachings, altered states of consciousness,  mysticism and metaphysics.

Karen provides a rare perception and profound understanding of human consciousness and the human energy field.  Her style is direct and concise, with a true warmth, wisdom and understanding.  Her practice is international dealing with people and businesses interested in psychological and spiritual growth and in transforming their lives and organizations.

About You

This blog shares information on how to find your centre and nurture your soul.  To bring forward into your daily life the tools, options and thought starters about how to be more conscious and authentic.   To reach from the soul upward to find your own rhythm and distinct voice in the world.

I believe that Knowledge is Power.  Sharing information allows more to come to each of us and raises the energy and vibration.  Our aim is to bring meaningful and soulful dialogue so we can question the status quo: moving forward in new ways.


Karen also has her Awakening Heart and Soul website  where you can learn more about her services and read her extensive library of articles: