Who Am I During Covid 19?

An excellent question to ask yourself is “ What kind of Human do I want to be during Covid-19?” A client sent me this great graphic that I wanted to share. It helps you evaluate where you are or where you would like to be.

Are you in the Fear zone? All about survival and just trying to exist. Feels like there is no other option or choice.  Little to no sense of feeling protected.  Feeling all alone

Are you in the Learning zone?   Beginning to feel safer and moving out of reactivity into a place of more choice.   Much more self awareness available and have identified more coping strategies. 

Are you in the Growth zone?   A more grounded and connected place.  Feeling safe.  Feel community and more conscious of the needs of others.  Reaching out to support others.  

I created Inner Alchemy to focus on how we can each expand our consciousness and potential, so that we can lead fulfilling, flowing and impactful lives. If you’re looking for some support in boosting your focus, healing individual, transgenerational or collective trauma or finding your place feel free to reach out to arrange a free intro call or free coaching or mentoring discovery session.

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