Healing Inherited Family Trauma

Inherited Family Trauma identifies legacy trauma.  This can come from family we know and those who have come before us and we may know nothing about.  Inheriting not only DNA but physical characteristics, emotional patterns and beliefs.  Bound to our families:  through conception, birth; our development and evolution is tied into the family conscience.  We hold within us a “blueprint” of our family history

Family Conscience

Through the Ancestor lens the group conscience is how we asses our behaviour in order to belong to our family or tribe.  There are unwritten laws you follow to belong and each tribe might have their own individual definitions of what is right or wrong for their tribe, but all tribal conscience will not tolerate a member of their group being excluded for any reason.

Family Soul

Look deep into the family soul to see what binds us together.  Gathering information which helps us welcome a deeper understanding of ourselves, our tribe and our inheritance.

Strengthening connection to our family soul and revitalizing and deepening our connection to our own soul as we develop more understanding and acceptance of our ancestry.  No longer needing to move away from our origins and our own family line.  The energy will go into building connection instead of extinguishing connection to who you are.  How can you really show up when you are not allowing an essential part of you to be present? 

Balancing the Field

When a member of the tribe has been excluded, abandoned, forgotten, blamed – the family field or conscience will demand justice.  A Balancing Must be Made.  It compels a future member of the tribe into service.    That individual unconsciously identifies with a previous family member and is trying to balance the family energy field and may become entangled and suffer for the rejected ancestor.

This unconscious transmitting may relate to abandonment, suicide, adoption, abortion, early deaths, family secrets, crime, loss of love that occurred in earlier generations.  In future generations can translate into illness, failure, anxiety, depression, guilt, addiction, accidents, inability to bond, conflicts in relationship… this is how the family field tries to balance the initial injustice.   

Identity and Lineage

Acknowledge who you are.  Where you belong.  What your place is.  If you don’t know… find out.  Reconnect to your  lineage.  Tap into the strength of the line instead of feeling weary, exhausted or burdened by it.  Tribes are bound together by an underlying principle:  LOVE (even if the love wounds us) it is the strand that holds us together.  

If you experience more suffering than joy you might need to look at the line and evaluate how your system operates.  Probably need to look beyond your generation; it could be inherited from parents, grandparents or somewhere further down the line.

Observing your ancestors and understanding the subtle energetic patterns, recognizing unseen forces and resolving imbalances will free energy on the line impacting the spiritual, emotional and physical levels for yourself and others on the line.  Your tribe and where you come from is an extraordinary resource 

It is such a different experience when you begin to feel the support of the ancestor line holding you.  Feeling the strength and love that radiates from the line.  Understanding your people and who you are creates a different foundation to experience the world.  It improves relationships on all levels:  with yourself, with others and with the universe…

 “Invisible threads are the strongest ties”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche 

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