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Mindfulness Tools: Focusing, Grounding and Centering

In today’s chaotic world, living in a grounded and centred state is sometimes difficult to achieve.

Have you experienced moments when your demanding life left you overwhelmed and feeling scattered?

Unable to remove yourself from the situation to gain perspective and compose yourself.  When external factors seem overwhelming?



These external factors can become internalized and your mind may start to shift into:  I can’t do it, I’ll never get myself together, it’s all out of controlwhen this starts it can be unrelenting and have a paralyzing effect.

Once this thought cycle begins, it is difficult to stop.



What do you do in those moments of inner madness when you know life must move forward?

Instead of a downward spiral, it’s helpful to have some simple tools to help you gain your balance and come back to your centre.



A key can be the mind-body integration… feeling grounded.

Coming from a centred space you are still, calm, focused and aware, no matter what distractions are going on around you.  Some simple strategies:


~ Grounding

Stand with your feet apart.  Visualize your body as a tree,
your torso is the trunk and your feet are the roots.

Focus your attention on your centre and scan down your legs
until you reach the feet.  Feel the ground under your feet.
Feel the strength of your body.

You are not “overwhelmed or stressed” anymore; you are here.

~ Five Senses

Name the things you experience for each of the senses.


five things you can See
five things you can Feel
five things you can Hear
five things you can
Taste sip of water brings awareness to the body

This is a tool for issues of disassociating or not being present, and
also a great strategy for times of stress.

Generating awareness of your sensory experience so that you can
feel more grounded and in your body.


~ Mantra

A simple mantra can be an effective tool.
Consider a few affirming phrases to repeat during these times.
Something that is reassuring and rings true.

It will all get done
This will pass.
Everything is okay
I can manage

Experiment.  Find the right one for you.  Repeat it often.


~ Meditate

Meditation simply means to be with yourself…
no matter where you are at that moment.

Just Be

Leave the chaos and the distractions of your mind
for a few minutes each day and sit in silence.


Questions to ask yourself:
Who Am I?
How do I see myself?

Your responses to these can help you build your foundation.

Your foundation helps you structure space for inviting and manifesting things into your life.

Let go of what is no longer serving you, and
open the space for more to enter.

By centering yourself in times of stress you’ll find that your communication and how you relate to others becomes easier, you work more efficiently, and feel an improvement in your physical health.

Experiment with one or all and see what feels right.   Using these tools allows you to create a different way of connecting to yourself and the world around you.

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