Power of Silence Unlocking InnerSpace

Focused, deliberate silence has the power to restore balance and inner peace. Silence stills you.

We live in a world where many are frequently overwhelmed. A silent pause becomes vital for real connection with your true self.

When you are unable to hear your inner voice, it can leave you feeling lost or numb. We need to cultivate times of silence in our lives. Not the cut off isolating silence that many may live in but a silence fostering connection with the inner voice of your true self.

Drowned out by Noise

Have you noticed that life seems to be getting louder? Noise is not only about sound, it is also about sensory overload: the constant hum and stimulation to all our senses, emotions and how you think.

Many feel afraid of silence and are constantly avoiding it. They find anything to fill the void and have lost touch with the wonders that silence can bring. In my 20s silence was unbearable and I dreaded the emptiness it created. I always needed some sort of distraction going on: silence left me feeling unsettled and uncomfortable. What I didn’t realize then it wasn’t the silence I was trying to avoid it was myself. I didn’t know who I was and, in retrospect, think I was afraid of finding out.

The trouble when we have this constant bombardment of noise is that it becomes an obstacle to our own inner calm, peace and our connection within ourselves and our transcendent experiences.

Authentic Silence

Silence is not isolation: insight, wisdom, and peace come to us in the silence. Silence is a mysterious and immeasurable realm and can be a profound and underrated, underutilized resource in modern-day society.

Have you ever sat and let yourself listen to nothing? In silence we hear new sounds and enter into new realms. Experiencing authentic silence in your heart allows you to welcome the divine grace that streams within the silent sounds. Silence is not absence … silence is the presence of us all.


  • Focused Breath
    Start by focusing on your breath and watching your thoughts roll by without getting tangled up in them. With 5 minutes of mindfulness at the beginning of the day you can move through your day centred, with clarity, calmness, and presence. 
  • Balancing Break
    If you feel out of balance at any time during the day, take a moment and allow yourself a slow, deep breath, and tune into your body.  Feel your feet on the ground.  Let your awareness move slowly up through your feet and then up your legs and hips.  Then the trunk of your body and to your back and shoulders.  If you detect any tension along the way just breathe it away.  Gradually move your awareness’ to your arms and hands and then to your neck and head.  Take another deep breath and feel yourself here… in the present moment and return to your day.

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