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Conscious Awareness of Presence and Breath

When we are present there is a feeling of aliveness and stillness within.  Of course, it is possible to be present and still active but this normally takes practice to develop the capacity to hold it.

Discharging Spiritual Attachments and Negative Entities

There are different causes, but at an elementary level it’s an energy that is not yours that has become attached in your energy field.

It could be a negative entity, trickster or spirit that has died but has not passed on to the next level. These are parasitic energies looking for a host.

Someone who unknowingly lets them hitchhike on their life force:  feeds them and gives them shelter.

Align with the Energy of Grace

Reawaken the ‘knowhow’ to align ourselves with that force of grace running through every energetic atom making up our world.  Then, we align with higher frequencies becoming part of the energetic network driving this power of grace.

As we come to understand and develop a relationship with this energy and how it works, we can employ and engage with it allowing us to draw the grace particles out of the energy around us.

Tears Promote Healing and Health

There is a natural healing power to tears. It’s an organic process that our body has designed to protect us from external physical irritants and to release emotions: frustration, grief, sadness, anxiety as well as joy, relief… tears modulate our inner thermostat. While we feel a profound difference when experiencing joy or sadness, grief or […]

Ancestral Healing: Release Inherited Trauma, Patterns and Beliefs

Tribes are bound together by an underlying principle:  LOVE (even if the love wounds us) it is the strand that holds us together. If you experience more suffering than joy you might need to look at the line and evaluate how your system operates.  Probably need to look beyond your generation; it could be inherited from parents, grandparents or somewhere further down the line.

Observing your ancestors and understanding the subtle energetic patterns, recognizing unseen forces and resolving imbalances will free energy on the line impacting the spiritual, emotional and physical levels for yourself and others on the line.

Your tribe and where you com