Holding Space

Holding space is one of the highest gifts we can give to each other. We walk alongside them without judgment, with whatever shows up: opening and expanding our hearts so they can access theirs. Part of holding space is to allow all your senses to open. It is a way of being present and listening,

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Path to Inner Knowing

How do you unlock your inner knowing and intuitive, creative nature?Wonder why some seem to have an endless supply of creative ideas, thinking outside the box? While others face repeated obstacles where inspiration feels like it never gets through. What’s the difference? Why does one person have a steady stream of ideas pouring through them

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Intuitive Compass Stuck

Ever denied access to intuitive abilities?You know you are intuitive.Yet you feel scrambled.No access. Roadblock Wherever you reside on the spectrum, from instinctive hunches through to a solid knowingness, you have hit some kind of pothole in the road.   No connection, and maybe not even an awareness of when or how you ended up in

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Gratitude on the Rise

Gratitude for the peace there is Gratitude for the peace that will come And for the peace that can be In us.Others.The Planet. AUDIO:  COME INTO THE CIRCLE Guidance for Life Transitionsand Achieving Potential…     Book your Zoom or Phone session | 416 732 2661hello@karenjohnsoninneralchemy.com

Discharging Spiritual Attachments and Negative Entities

Depending on where your consciousness is,this will marshal your experience with spiritual attachments. Thoughts manifest more quickly now than decades ago with vibration speeding up.  This allows us to create, integrate and change things faster than those who came before. Questions Certainly there is fear. Our initial step in dealing with this unease is to address

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