Stuck in a Rut How to Move Forward

When all you produce is anxiety odds are you’re scared and have opted to let fear prevent you from moving forward.  Getting stuck never has to turn into a personal crisis.   Here are some ways to avoid anguish and get back on course.

Future Self

Advance your healing and growth by doing timeline work.  As in regression where you go into the past and heal unresolved issues on your timeline.  Visualize yourself in the future and experience an optimal version of yourself who is self actualized.  The aim of future self work is bringing healed aspects and knowledge into the present so your current self may integrate it.

Identify and Surrender

Going against the flow?  This signals a need to surrender.  Something is off although you’re not quite sure what that is but just accept your current reality.  Acknowledge.  Make peace. Breathe into it then let it go.  Be aware of any possibilities or insights that appear.

Welcome your Greatness

Stuck and afraid?  Chances are you’re sensing something amazing on the other side of that fear.  Why?  People gravitate towards the familiar.  Allowing something new in will generate change.  Change is an unknown factor.   Not knowing can terrify us.  Make a shift.  Imagine genuinely embracing the greatness waiting for you.

Breaking Free

Many feel stagnated, trapped or blocked by circumstances.  Suppose these feelings were not created by your current situation but by how you were influenced to approach life.

Nothing happens until you make a decision.  Once you commit you’ve energetically stated an intent.  There is release of energy by making a choice.  Unexpected circumstances, events and people start showing up to support you that never would have happened if you had not made a decision.   The extraordinary power of simply showing up opens energetic pathways to opportunities and living a good and meaningful life.

Come out of the darkness into the light.

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