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Inner Alchemy is about the journey we take to align with our authentic power. The transformation we experience aligning with our soul energy is achieved by our journey from unconsciousness to consciousness. A place of transformation creating a space to be curious, explore and expand into the most authentic part of yourself. A welcoming and safe environment with a spiritual foundation for all who decide to enter.


Supporting you to grow into
your unique potential


A holistic approach focusing on the whole person; uplifting one’s energy and consciousness to regain balance in your life. The idea that we create our own reality is more widespread than ever. We are more powerful than we can imagine.

Our intentions, words, language all have a consciousness and that consciousness creates. Today, experiments in quantum physics support the view that we shape our reality with our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

It is my passion to create safe space, trust and relaxation to support people to go deep into the dark and light parts of themselves with love, respect and consciousness, and to open up for the immense richness of their humaneness and the vastness of their essential nature. When we bring those qualities into daily life everything becomes an expression of the divine.


Karen Johnson, Founder

Hi, I’m Karen. I am a modern day shaman, coach and mentor, energy healer and somatic experiencing trauma therapist based in Toronto, Canada. I help people expand their unique potential. I believe the world needs more thoughtful, conscious, purpose-driven people.

My story is a living, breathing illustration of my philosophy and the work I do. We can create a life that aligns with how we want to live and most importantly with who we are. The world is constantly changing. We find we are no longer compelled by old, obsolete paradigms which no longer fit.

As many before me, my path took a radical change when I found myself diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 27. This was the major catalyst that changed the direction of my life. My next few years were spent exploring: healing who I was and where I came from.

On my journey back to health I had to re-evaluate my life, beliefs and philosophies about illness and its treatment. This provided me with profound spiritual and mystical experiences, and revealed my capacity for helping others overcome their own physical and emotional challenges.

Working together you’re guided to uncover more of the authentic truth of you, beyond a distorted self-perception preventing you from experiencing a deeper awakening of your own heart. With over 20 years of experience as a modern-day shaman, esoteric and intuitive healer, alternative health practitioner, and somatic experiencing trauma therapist and with a lifetime of training in ancient wisdom and mystic arts.

About You

The key is Being. Connect to your own inner space… the place deep within you that’s quintessential you at your core… and invite that onto the planet.

Do you realize that you are unique? There is no one else like you. You have the capacity to do remarkable things. You’re also human, and as we all know, sometimes it’s hard to be human and it’s okay not to get it right all the time. It’s not about being perfect… it’s about being true to who you are.

Feeling totally influenced by our outer reality, many of us lose the thread. We move faster, work harder, think more: constant victims of circumstances beyond our control. Believing if we relocate, take another job, a new relationship, have more money, then we will be happy. We try to control and change the people, the circumstances and events surrounding us in order to feel empowered: it’s not working.

Learning to Open

To grow, to change, we must be open. If you can manage to open up yourself and your consciousness to possibilities, ideas, people, emotions, knowledge, to who you really are and what is truly important. Growth is rarely easy, but you will find it will be worth it.

Be Bold… Be Brave


Be aware of the big picture. Have greater clarity and discernment. Be conscious not just in mind, but in body, emotions and relationships.

Bring real you to all that you do

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