Spiritual Bypass – Lost in Bliss

Everything is beautiful… in its own way. If any defense mechanisms could be called beautiful, it would be spiritual bypass. On the surface this looks great. I can be happy and I don’t ever have to feel sad again. Truth is, it’s the same as any other defense mechanism; it leaves us feeling disconnected and numb. Instead of tuning in, we are tuned out and actually shutdown.

What is Spiritual Bypass?

There are many philosophies on spirituality but a collective link is transcendence, connecting to something higher than ourselves, to divine energy, and mystical experiences. Feeling deep states of inner peace, contentment, and joy.

Some become blissed out, intoxicated, and distracted. Avoiding our darker, painful or unpleasant emotions. This is the shadow side of spirituality. Using spiritual practices as a way of escaping our own reality never leads us to our authentic self. We refuse to look at what is happening. We never have the opportunity to acknowledge, process, and integrate.

False Positive

An exclusive focus on the positive and repression of any negativity, anger or shadow parts, only allowing positive people and experiences. Avoiding our core wounds and holding the illusion of having arrived at a higher level of being and that WE live in a higher vibration.

This undermines our personal growth and transformation although; we say all the right things we’re not aligned with our integrity and truth. We are blinded to the fact that we are not doing our own inner work. If we do not deal with it… it will come back to us in one form or another.


In today’s world where social media continually puts out these fabricated scenarios where everything is picture perfect: it doesn’t allow room for things that do not conform to that idea. In reality there is such power in owning who we are, and yes, we have stuff still to learn and grow through.

This is part of the adventure we are on. This is where real creative manifesting starts… this is the awakening process: uncovering wisdom, opening to love and giving ourselves the opportunity to transform. Take a breath and watch what can come through to you.

Developing a Practice

It’s easy to get lost in life and developing a practice can be an anchor keeping you connected to your own awakening process. A spiritual practice is something we do to quiet the mind, allow stillness bringing a state of inner peace, calm, equanimity. Taking on a daily practice nourishes your soul. It could be meditation, contemplation, just sitting, chanting, reading spiritual writings, journaling…

You find the right practice for you, or sometimes the practice finds you.

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