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The soul has been defined as the true self; the inner most sacred part of each of us.  What do you think your soul is like?  Is it possible that your soul is in constant communication with you, even though you may be unaware of its presence.

Your soul is never static but constantly expanding and in motion.  It is both a transmitter and a receiver having desires, wants and needs; guided by an intelligence which is un-nameable.  Your soul is you… as you it is the ultimate container of all that you are.


To make the unconscious conscious is awareness.  The ordinary person has awareness but it is often restricted.  The soul is simple.  It is every act of compassion and goodness – every voice of awareness, justice, peace, and freedom.  You are here for your soul to grow in the human experience.  The experience of the spirit and the experience of goodness and integrity cannot be separated.  Any spiritual path that is not based on goodness and integrity goes nowhere.


You are a container for your consciousness, your soul, and the people who love you.  The people who are around you are containers – they hold you.  This is why you need attachments and intimate relationships and experiences: they are a container for you and you for them.

When each is holding the best for another, each begins to work together on a soul level.  This is when you experience feeling integrated, whole and peaceful.  

When relationships and partnerships work on their highest level.  Your soul longs to fill the container of your consciousness.  Seek out a relationship with your soul.  You create a container that your soul will be desirous of entering.

Soul Qualities

Instead of working solely at eliminating emotional blockages and negative beliefs you can begin to actively develop soul qualities.  These are the soul forces which are not simply focusing on your psychological nature… this is transformative work, integrating your psychological and metaphysical dimensions.

Your soul is a unique and personal experience, but there are some ‘qualities’ that are universal to us all.  Empathy, joy, clarity, integrity, truth, opening…  these are not merely qualities but are also a vehicle for something greater to shine… to connect to the light of the soul or spirit. 

A Soul Force

Joy is a soul force.  It is also a choice.  Choose to do things that help create and maintain a level of joy in your being.

It could be simple, like spending an afternoon by yourself wandering or a bath and a great book.  It may be something adventurous or a quiet night walk looking at the stars.  Sense what will bring an uplifting feeling inside and inspire wonder, even if it may seem a little silly.

Keeping your spirits up will make you less susceptible to illness, fatigue, and give you the internal strength to meet any challenge with enthusiasm.

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