Discover Your Authentic Voice

Finding your own voice can be a struggle. There are many layers.  Sometimes it’s hard not to be influenced by flamboyant voices claiming they are ‘THE ONE’ having the right or perfect vision of what is or must be.  Who made up that rule? Why are we so easily led?   Why would we let an outsider tell us what our own inner truth is?   That is an oxymoron.  But many are desperate to be told who they are.  That is not the way it works.


We have a  choice in disclosing our authentic voice.  Some of us have submerged it deep inside to keep it safe from danger, real or perceived.

When trauma or repeated threats occur, especially during early developmental stages, we can bury our authentic voice in ways that make it extremely challenging to identify.  This is a safety mechanism to protect what is ours but can eventually recede deeply into forgetfulness.


This kind of silence has a violence to it.  Whether it’s something in the history of the individual; it’s not being held in stillness.  Rather it’s being held hostage by withholding its true nature from the individual.

There is no knowingness here. It is a wilderness of blankness and adopted conformity that has left the individual expressionless.

Or without ability to know its true nature

The silence expresses only what it has been told is good to express. Like a compliant member of a cult following the institutionalized thinking of the group.   Nothing original.  Nothing solid.  Nothing authentic about the individual.


What happens if you embrace your voice? Utter a sound.  A sound that has an exclusive resonance that is your own.  There has never before been a vibration like it and there never will be.  It is solely your own distinct sound frequency.

Your authentic voice wants to find a way to squeak into life and show its particular spectrum of colour. Whether that sound frequency comes audibly or through another avenue.

Can you be bold enough? Brave enough to express your own distinct sonic shade?  Welcome…

The World has been Waiting for You to Arrive

4 Steps to Access your Authentic Voice 

How do you get better at coming from your Authentic Voice?   Here are some ways to help you achieve and connect to your Authentic Voice.

Set an Intention on Being Authentic

Intention directs and guides your action.  It means your intention is clear and you are aware of it.  Whatever way you express yourself you hold it in alignment with the intention you set out.

Admit you don’t know something. It’s okay.

People respect you more when you are truthful.  Acknowledging you don’t know something is fine.  There is not one person who knows everything.  It’s part of being human.

Understand what Inauthentic Means.

By exploring and understanding how it feels when you are being inauthentic and phony it can help you understand and know that to be authentic and genuine is the opposite so you can recognize when you have shifted into inauthenticity.

Keep a Journal

Writing down observations on experiences, situations and feelings can help you begin to track and identify patterns and habits where you lose your ability to be authentic. As you identify these destructive patterns you begin to change just by bringing them to consciousness.

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