Somatic Intelligence and Resilience

Daily life has transformed. We need to grow our capacity to respond to our ever-changing relationship with the world. Resilience will be a driving force for this evolution and is defined as our ability to respond and bounce back from the challenges we encounter. One of the biggest challenges we face is feeling trapped by our emotional and physical states. Expanding your somatic intelligence is key in negotiating resiliency.

Somatic Wisdom

Our body is alive. It’s our connection to sensing the world. The truth is our body never lies… it only holds truth. Somatic intelligence is the body working with mind, emotions and spirit as an aligned team influencing each other. We need to pay attention.

  • Take a breath. Connect to your body. Become quiet. Feel into the sensations showing up in your body. Some examples: trembly, dense, disconnected, numbness, warmth, calm, tension, tingling, frozen or airy. Allow yourself to be with the sensations and it leads to your truth.

Be present to what’s happening in the body

Self Regulation

Self regulation is our ability to handle our emotions, reactions, impulses and feelings. In an ideal world we’ve grown up with parents who knew how to regulate themselves and co-regulate each other. This shapes how we experience the world, our relationships, and social development.

If our parent was emotionally unavailable or so negative that we did not get the co-regulating imprint rooted in our nervous system, we may be unable to self soothe. This leaves us disconnected to who we are, unable to identify our underlying needs or wants. We may avoid others and regulate alone which is similar to disassociating. Or, rely on others to tell us who we are. Neither works or brings us the connection we have a deep longing for.

  • Name what you are feeling and it will become more manageable. How are you feeling right now? Sad. Confused. Mad. Where in your body are you feeling that? Belly tight. Heart racing. What do you think caused it? Go back to what happened right before you got activated.

Our capacity to manage our behaviour and soothe ourselves when activated


Being able to ground and settle into your body is an indispensable skill. A calm, settled body allows you to attune and connect with others around you. Learning to settle your body is about increasing your capacity to manage stress and create more space for your nervous system to find coherence and flow.

  • A long sigh is the body’s natural reset. Focus on your breath, breathe in deeply and exhale fully. This will down-regulate your body and refocus both your mind and body.
  • Notice your inhale and your exhale. On your inhale imagine breathing in love. On your exhale breathe out gratitude. Sit for a few minutes and notice your breath as you breathe in love and breathe out gratitude.

Settling into your body is a keystone for healing


Somatic intelligence is the art of working in the space in between our inner and outer worlds. Being mindful of our somatic responses and the information transmitted, we can make informed decisions. We use this somatic knowingness to bring about sustainable change and transformation while continuing to build resilience. When we hit a bump in the road, we now see it as an opportunity to keep us moving forward.

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