Somatic Experiencing Healing Early Imprints and Developmental Trauma

Trauma generally lasts a short period but if not dealt with wounds can last a lifetime.  It can result from fairly benign situations, i.e., routine medical procedures which can impact us as emotional, and physical abuse does.  A one-time incident or repeated occurrence.  The young are especially vulnerable as their brains and bodies are still developing and have less ability to cope with stress and overwhelming experiences.

Children who experience prenatal or birth trauma, medical procedures, abandonment or neglect, loss of birth mother, emotional, physical or sexual  interference may be traumatized and find their ability to handle stressful or overwhelming situations as adults is stunted and find it difficult to be present in the world.

What is Trauma?

Situations that overwhelm our capacity to defend ourselves and we feel powerless.  It is anything that threatens our physical, emotional, social, or spiritual existence.  Often unseen, ignored and misinterpreted.  We identify trauma as war, violence, neglect, abandonment, and physical or sexual abuse… we need to expand our definition.  It’s trauma when the individual experiences a real or perceived threat to their survival.  

Inherited Transgenerational Trauma

Trauma can be passed through transgenerational, epigenetics, the womb and inherited through family lines.  There may be feelings of danger, fear, terror, anger and sadness.  It can lead to post traumatic stress and disassociation as well as depression, addictions, eating disorders, anxiety, isolation and feeling like they don’t belong and there is something wrong with them.

Human beings have an inborn ability to overcome the effects of trauma.  SE works with stuck energy that is lodged in our nervous system through focused attention, body awareness and slowly approaching, contacting and unravelling traumatic residue.  SE approaches trauma without retriggering or getting lost in the story.

Our body holds the energy and trauma of what we experienced and when we’re able to stop, observe and listen we receive intuitive guidance which allows us to renegotiate trauma and moves us through our blocks to healing and a renewed sense of well-being.


Ever had the experience where you choose to wear something one day and another day it just feels wrong?    Why you prefer to sit in one place in a room and not another?  There is so much information that goes into making these choices and you’re using felt sense and inner knowingness from your body.   Employing mindfulness practices to help you gather and access information about yourself.  By tracking and being aware of physical movements and sensations in the body (i.e., muscle tension, breath, heart racing,  trembling).

Discharging Trauma

Titration is utilized as a way of taking small steps so you’re not re-traumatizing or overwhelming your system.  It is a process of baby steps that enables you to finally start discharging the blocked energy from your system.  The stuck energy starts to be released in small manageable waves.  It can be a shaking or movement in the physical body, you can feel a subtle change in your breath by it either expanding or feeling stuck or sensing vibration changing in your energetic body.  

Development Steps

Image result for stay presentSit with what you’re feeling.  You could use sadness or numbness as an example it’s whatever shows up for you.  Where it is in your body?  Notice that.  Breathe into that part of the body.  Let the feeling be there.

If it feels too intense… sense only a little slice of it?  So your system can manage and not shutdown.  Stay with it for a few moments.  Insights might come.  Notice them but always return back to the immediate experience.   This type of work can be a challenge.  At times we get mixed up and we may feel we are the feelings.

I created Inner Alchemy to focus on how we can each expand our consciousness and potential, so that we can lead fulfilling, flowing and impactful lives. If you’re looking for some support in boosting your focus, healing individual, trangenerational or collective trauma or finding your place feel free to reach out to arrange a free intro call or free coaching or mentoring discovery session.

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