Somatic Awareness: Body Sensations Open Inner Worlds

We are all unique.  Each and every one of us is an expression of that life force we hold within. How that life force or intelligence expresses will be as individual and distinct as we are.  Your physical and energetic body holds everything. 

… It’s the Blueprint to Discover Who You Are

Body Intelligence

Our bodies contain wisdom about how we live, what we believe, what brings us joy, sorrow, and what we need to allow ourselves to be who we are.  Your emotional and physical health is imprinted within your body sensations and felt sense.  You will identify the problem and find the direction to move forward by listening to your body.  Sounds simple.  Well, yes and no.

Ignoring the Body

For many people it is pain which finally awakens us to what is being held within the cells of our body.  We can be so focused on our life while being disassociated from what we are experiencing and feeling that we don’t pay attention to the subtle signals which our body transmits constantly to us.

The body can turn up the volume to get our attention: even shouting at us.  It is at the moment when the body is screaming at us in pain that we finally pay attention.

Body Sensations

A body sensation is a clear, physical feeling sensed in the body. To learn how to interpret our body sensations we must slow ourselves down, take a calming breath and intentionally bring awareness to the body.  Just notice.

Our body talks to us through the somatic language of what it feels or senses.  Body sensation language expresses these physical feelings using words based on our five senses:  touch, sound, sight, taste and smell.  It is crucial not to confuse sensations with emotions.  Frequently this message is transmitted through aches and pains we feel, and if we are not paying attention this can progress into illness and disease.

What is Felt Sense

Felt sense means bringing your awareness inside your body.  We must move our focus from what is happening in the outside world around us to our internal experience (moving from outer landscape to your inner landscape).

The qualities of felt sense can often be subtle, vague even elusive; whereas physical body sensations are more defined and tangible e.g., I have a pain in my shoulder, my head aches, a throbbing pain in my knee.

The felt sense is also different than emotion, although felt sense can contain emotions.  Sometimes the difference between the two has been likened to emotions being seen as primary colours while the felt sense is a blend of colours.

Some examples:  the emotion could be anger but the felt sense could be heat, fire, steel; the emotion could be fear but the felt sense could frozen, blank, rapid heart beat, jumpy.  It can present itself as textures, colours, shapes, sensations.  The jittery feeling that comes when you stand up to speak.

Listening to Your Body

~ Sensing into your Body | Intentionally bring awareness to your body.  To the outer area of the body: feet, hands sensing from the outside.  Then to stomach, abdomen, chest and throat and as you sense into these trying it from the inside out.

~ Asking Questions | Approach it as having a conversation with another person.  Ask a question and wait to hear the response.  In the beginning it will require attention and focus.  You are learning a new language.  Be patient.

~ Acknowledge | You become aware of something:  a feeling, a difference, something previously unnamed, unfelt.  You may not know what it is, but just by greeting and acknowledging this can be very powerful.  To welcome what is there even when you don’t know what that is.

The Gateway

There is a deep knowingness that comes through developing your somatic awareness.  You open and operate from a deeper level.  You begin new conversations and meaningful dialogues with forgotten parts of yourself.  You don’t have to learn anything new as it has been hidden away just waiting for you to rediscover and reclaim it.

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