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Simple thoughts… Manifests Change

When learning about manifesting
and applying the principles
it can get tangled up
with unnecessary
complicated thinking.


Take baby steps
in the manifesting process that move you forward in a clear way




Our systems deal better with incremental steps. Sometimes if you take huge leaps it can be difficult to hold onto as if those tiny steps forward cemented the foundation to integrate the process from and give you a landing space. 

If we put too much pressure on our system to move beyond what our true capacity is instead of moving forward we may involuntarily end up taking a few steps back.

Even if created it may leak out in some fashion or other. Either it’s unable to form or if it does we are unable to hold on to it.


Draw back

We might feel we have failed and those thoughts alone may place us at a disadvantage.

Instead of identifying as the strong, whole and grounded people we are, we could feel like the universe is not responding to us or it may even erode our trust and belief in our natural manifesting abilities.

“Every intention sets energy into motion
Whether you are conscious of it or not:”
~ Gary Zukav ~


Simple instructions: Take a few moments to breathe and ground.  So you come from a solid foundation and not coming from a scarcity base.

Hold the intention in a clear way.  If too vague then what you are manifesting will have confusion to it.

Clear does not mean specifically laying out what it is or how it is delivered to you. You must allow space for the universe to bring to you what is in your highest good.

If you can allow that to transpire the universe will always bring something better than anything you can dream up.


An Intention 

You want to create [ fill in the blank ] or something more.  It can be good to write down or to say it out loud.  It adds some potency to what you want to manifest.  Once a clear solid intention has been set then let it go.



That’s why over time I developed a way of simplifying what I want to welcome into my life and at the start I began to make it small incremental movements.

As my manifesting abilities got stronger like muscles when working out I could adjust what I was manifesting and create a space for more.

The important piece with manifesting is always staying clear about the intention.


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