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Everything is so simple and easy and yet we add a complexity to the way we live and experience the world.  If we could begin to let down our defenses and let go of our need to be right, our lives would immediately change.    Something drops away:  something much bigger can emerge.

The four hardest tasks on earth are neither physical, nor intellectual feats, but spiritual ones:  

To return love for hate.   

To include the excluded. 

To forgive without apology. 

To be able to say “I was wrong.  

Our eyes can become veiled with distractions that show up in our daily life.   If we are not grounded or don’t have a solid foundation we can easily lose our footing.  We are not immune to the turmoil that goes on in the world even when we are feeling disconnected.   
This does not alter the Universal Truth that we are all connected, whether we raise each other up or we tear each other apart, we all feel the impact
When there is a environmental disaster, war, or some type of destructive force at play it is not isolated to only that part of the world where it is happening… it impacts us all environmentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  

A powerful practice is to remind yourself of your spiritual aspiration each time you cross a doorway.  

Doors, thresholds and gates hold a strong symbolic resonance and can be a sign of entrances into new worlds or into a new life.  

It’s simple… and may be an opportunity for you to open.

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