Shapeshift Obstacles into Advantages

Change always starts with confusion… difficult to be creative and inspired if we cannot allow chaos or confusion in. We are not born to live life in pain, confusion and sadness rather to transform our lives through greater knowledge and understanding of ourselves and the world.

The faster our world moves and the more chaotic our lives, the more instability we all face. This unpredictability influences our bodies, relationships and environment. There has never been a better time to use the primordial art of shapeshifting to help guide us on our journey.

Enter into the world of higher energy and celebrate the symbiotic relationship between nature and humans. When in balance this is a place of harmony, peace, serenity and wholeness.

What is Shapeshifting?

The core principle of shapeshifting is the process of transforming from one energetic state to another. Based on the philosophy that everything is made up of energy, we are all linked to one another through this energetic field.

It is our ability to change the shape of an energy field. The purpose is to amalgamate with the strength, wisdom, and power of what you are joining with to obtain new learnings.

Shamanic View

A shaman is someone who journeys to other worlds and uses the wisdom and energy from these other realms to affect change in this world.

Shamans describe shapeshifting as another element of ‘the dream or dreamtime’ and the world is as we dream it. To change ourselves and to change the collective we need to shapeshift the dream which is our perceived reality.

Shapeshifting remains a potent way of creating change. Stimulating a wider scope of your consciousness through the power of journeying and bridging the gap to access the subconscious and superconscious.


It always begins as a dream. The world we experience today once started as a dream in the hearts and minds of visionary people who believed they could create change. That same power of creativity is held within you.

If your objective is finding a new direction, feeling comfortable within your own skin, changing your career, improving relationships, working on the collective and changing the world, it is essential to recognize that everything begins as a dream.

Changing the Vision…
Changing your Reality

Imagine a world where you could fine tune how you perceive your life and create real influence and transformation in your reality.

Shapeshifting allows you to transcend that threshold.

To shapeshift adjust how you see your life. Summon transformation into what you have identified as your perceived reality. Suspend and eliminate dysfunctional patterns, release inherited trauma, and reorient and reconnect to your purpose and passions. Redirect your energy towards more spectacular outcomes and you change your reality… and that of the global collective.

How to Shapeshift in Modern Times

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