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Looking for answers?  Have you started to ask the questions yet?  We’re a solution-driven society.  We have answers and remedies for almost anything you can think of.

Frequently the Questions we Ask are much more Significant than the Answers.

An Accident

Last Sunday I was hit by a car.  I walked away with barely a scratch − merely a bruised foot.  I felt blessed and definitely could feel a ‘Wake Up’ in the space for me.  As I look to myself am still processing and have not quite landed anything yet and maybe that is the way it should be.  It definitely opened me up to something… and if that is all that was there for me I would be happy with that but I can feel more in the space yet to unfold…


I remember being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which was a major ‘Wake Up’ call for me.  It transformed my life.  Before being diagnosed I would say I lived life in a fairly unconscious manner.  Since that time I’ve discovered a whole new world beneath the surface.

It was an awakening for me.  Questions and probing the conventional concepts and accepted norm has enabled me to have some pretty extraordinary experiences.  Before MS I was carrying forward trauma and unresolved issues from the family I grew up in. I began looking to my own childhood and allowed myself to release what was no longer valid for me.  Starting me on a journey of asking some deep questions and I haven’t stopped yet.

That was my first awakening and it freed me to open to see the possibilities and abundance that life presents us.



There was a time early on in my life when I did not know that I could ask questions.  I had somehow got the message that it was not okay.  It makes me sad when I look back to that time.  Because at heart I love to challenge and explore.  Break down boundaries.  To have to repress that part of me took so much energy and didn’t allow room for the Authentic Me to show up.

When I began to embrace my differences and innately understand that I was never going to be exactly like everyone else and I really didn’t want to be.  We are each very individual and unique.

If you look up to the sky at night you may see countless stars but two identical.  That’s also part of the human experience – we are different and yet the same.  Choosing to live a spiritual-based life whatever spiritual traditions we need to be asking questions not blindly following dogma.  Asking questions requires you to start thinking beyond the usual boundaries.

If you feel resistance or fear it probably just means you’re leaving your comfort zone.  That is always a good sign.  Change never lies in your comfort zone it’s always at least one step outside it.  That is how it begins with one step ─ and at least one question.

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