Power and Consciousness of Words

Can you recognize the immense power existing in your thoughts and words? Imagine the possibilities if the words you speak and think create your experience?   Think about the pleasure you feel when someone gives you a sincere compliment or the uneasiness realizing you’ve inadvertently spilled a secret. Words and the energy they possess make or break careers or friendships.  

Power of Words

Has anyone ever said something to you that you’ve carried throughout your life? These are words our parents said to us and somehow our lives have been unconsciously shaped by them.  Maybe we heard ‘whatever you do in life, be the best’ and that propelled us on to become successful and might create an unconscious urge for the pursuit of perfection. ‘Who do you think you are’ or ‘nobody is going to listen to you’ can make you settle to be less then who you inherently are.

Words can imprint and Define our Image of Who We Are.


Words hold a vibratory force. All speech, especially infused with strong emotion, creates waves of energy that radiate through our bodies and into the world and creates the atmosphere we live in.

Language is transformative and has the power to change the atmosphere causing joy or pain; creating an atmosphere of kindness or cruelty; truth or deception. The pain we cause ourselves and each other would be avoided if we were more discriminating about what we say. Our relationships, work environment and especially our feelings about ourselves can be transformed by taking time to think about how words create our reality.

Root Causes

Words create reality: you’ll find that understanding in most great wisdom teaching traditions. The choices we make about what to say and not say are not just of casual importance.

When perceiving a vibe in a room you’re noticing the energetic residue of words or thoughts that were expressed there. Whether spoken or thought, words are constantly altering reality, shifting the vibratory atmosphere in our bodies, homes and places of work.

Our bodies retain residue of every kind or cruel word we’ve ever taken in. 


Be mindful of what springs out of your mouth. Spend a day listening. Observe what you’re expressing and how. What’s the tone? Tune in and sense the emotional residue your words create. Notice how you feel after speaking. How others respond?

The only way to speak from an authentic state of higher awareness is to heal those underlying issues by owning them. Without building a solid foundation the structure eventually collapses and your disowned pain inevitably bleeds out through your words and thoughts.

Ask: what makes me say what I say? Unexpressed anger, grief or yearning that might lie frozen showing up as sarcasm, lies or words intended to disguise what you feel?


Mantras are mystical sounds that have been repeated over and over throughout centuries. Repeating the sacred sound in your mind can gather and focus the mind connecting us to higher realms, even calming our nervous system. The power is in the experience of chanting these words in a thoughtful, still manner.

OM [universal consciousness]      recalibrates the energy in your physical and subtle bodies allowing clarity and power.

Om Namah Shivaya [salutations to the highest consciousness]     powerful for purifying the mind and speech. it can alter and uplift you and your inner and outer environment.

You generate power when you speak from the highest level of awareness. When you whine or grumble get quiet and see if you can place your attention on your heart and see what emerges from that place of stillness…


The way you speak reflects the person you are, from your dark shadowy parts to noble intentions and feelings and impacts everything around you.It contributes to your success or your letdown both in your professional and personal life.  The sheer magic of words and thoughts is that they have the power to transform our consciousness.


– Truth – Compassion – Necessary

Employ a filtering exercise to prevent you from blurting out whatever random thought appears. Pausing and asking yourself questions: is it truth, exaggeration or lie? or is it kind or compassionate? or is it necessary? These allow you to pause and open a space for reflection.  These questions are not mechanisms for censorship but an invitation to speak from the highest level of consciousness we’re capable of.

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