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Sonic Expression: Discover Your Authentic Voice

Life is like a pond. We stand at the edge and watch the ripples run through or stick our hand in to test the temperature to see if it’s right for us.

Stay safely on the side watching the surface wondering what might lie beneath or dive right in.  Even just walk away.


What are You Waiting For?

There are choices and decision points for each of us. There is no one route is for all.

It’s a big pond. Many life forces co-exist and what we choose to do makes up our individual journey.  We may each end up at the same point while choosing different avenues to get there.

Does it matter?  It’s making a choice that is key:  standing still or jumping beneath the surface.

Authentic Voice

Finding your own voice can be a struggle. There are many layers. 

Sometimes it’s hard not to be influenced by flamboyant voices claiming they are ‘THE ONE’ having the right or perfect vision of what is or must be.

Who made up that rule? Why are we so easily led? 

Why would we let an outsider tell us what our own inner truth is?   That is an oxymoron.  But many are desperate to be told who they are.  That is not the way it works.



We have a choice in disclosing our authentic voice.

Some of us have submerged it deep inside to keep it safe from danger, real or perceived.

When trauma or repeated threats occur, especially during early developmental stages, we can bury our authentic voice in ways that make it extremely challenging to identify.

This is a safety mechanism to protect what is ours but can eventually recede deeply into forgetfulness.



This kind of silence has a violence to it.

Whether it’s something in the history of the individual; it’s not being held in stillness.  Rather it’s being held hostage by withholding its true nature from the individual.

There is no knowingness here. It is a wilderness of blankness and adopted conformity that has left the individual expressionless.

Or without ability to know its true nature

The silence expresses only what it has been told is good to express. Like a compliant member of a cult following the institutionalized thinking of the group. 

Nothing original.  Nothing solid.  Nothing authentic about the individual.


What happens if you embrace your voice? Utter a sound.  A sound that has an exclusive resonance that is your own.

There has never before been a vibration like it and there never will be.  It is solely your own distinct sound frequency.

Your authentic voice wants to find a way to squeak into life and show its particular spectrum of colour. Whether that sound frequency comes audibly or through another avenue.

Can you be bold enough? Brave enough to express your own distinct sonic shade?


The World has been Waiting for You to Arrive


4 Steps to Access your Authentic Voice 


How do you get better at coming from your Authentic Voice?   Here are some ways to help you achieve and connect to your Authentic Voice.

Set an Intention on Being Authentic

Intention directs and guides your action.  It means your intention is clear and you are aware of it.  Whatever way you express yourself you hold it in alignment with the intention you set out.

Admit you don’t know something. It’s okay.

People respect you more when you are truthful.  Acknowledging you don’t know something is fine.  There is not one person who knows everything.  It’s part of being human.


Understand what Inauthentic Means.

By exploring and understanding how it feels when you are being inauthentic and phony it can help you understand and know that to be authentic and genuine is the opposite so you can recognize when you have shifted into inauthenticity.

Keep a Journal

Writing down observations on experiences, situations and feelings can help you begin to track and identify patterns and habits where you lose your ability to be authentic. As you identify these destructive patterns you begin to change just by bringing them to consciousness.


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Manifesting What May Come


Ever tried to manifest something
and then what you wanted never happened.

Could you have been looking in
the wrong place?

Missed what the universe was offering?

“Do not insist that the universe comply with your understanding of it.”
~ Gary Zukav ~



Like a mesmerized audience member entranced by a magician, who has distracted you from keeping your eye on the prize, to miss what the reality is.

You may be suffering from tunnel vision that is excluding many opportunities that lie in front of you.



Basic manifesting philosophy: hold a clear intention of what it is you want to create.  Do this from a grounded clear space.  Hold that intention and then let it go.

You have put it out into the universe.  Trust that it will come and be thankful for all that comes after.

Do not keep putting it out in a frantic way. Then you change the original intention.   It is no longer solid and clear, it has now become desperate and unfocussed.  You can even be attaching scarcity beliefs to it.

Ground.      Be Clear.     Move on.  



What is required here is a little space, belief and trust in the universe. Belief in your ability to manifest healthy, clear and positive outcomes.  We both know you have experience of the reverse and maybe that has happened a few times.

But what happened then is like an old vinyl record getting stuck in a groove which keeps repeating and repeating eventually manifesting something not wanted but inadvertently created.


Change the Lens

Fine-tune what you are capable of seeing now. It changes over time but it is essential to accept where you are.  This allows you to see what is here now for you.

You might get stuck in the details and lose sight of the big picture.



Toss away that telescope which has you looking for exactly what it is you want to manifest. You may miss out on something bright and shiny here waiting for you now.  This could lead on to the next piece and so on and so on… leading you directly to what you are trying to manifest.



Oh wait. Could it lead you to something better?

There is one thing I know for sure:  whatever I can think or dream up the universe always has something better in mind for me

It is a truly benevolent universe we live in. If we take off our blinders and allow ourselves to roll down the windows and let the wind blow in you never know what will turn up.

That is where the real prize lies, not in the small we are trying to create and control.

Allow flexibility in so our highest good can be manifested instead of carving it down into something wonderful but not as quintessential as the universe has in mind.


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Align and Connect with Higher Self

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something bigger inside trying to come forward?

Do you know the solution to a problem in your life but it remains outside your grasp?  You don’t know how to access it.

Don’t you realize that within yourself you possess the access to extraordinary capacities and knowledge?


What is Higher Self

Throughout time and within different spiritual traditions and belief systems, the Higher Self has been given many names: Atma, Buddha-nature, Christ consciousness, Inner Self, Soul, Divine Nature… 

However labeled, what all agree on is that Higher Self is eternal, infinitely wise and transcends everyday consciousness.  Higher Self is always in touch with the Divine because it is part of it.  Each of us has a Higher Self.



Throughout history attaining knowledge and diving into the depths of inner wisdom is the aspiration when working with Higher Self within­ many spiritual teachings.  The Higher Self is the deepest and most divine essence within us; that aspect of you that connects directly to the spiritual realms.

In basic terms your Higher Self is the highest aspect of you that can be attained and held in your physical body.  This means that you are not merely your conscious or subconscious awareness; beyond anything you can know simply through ordinary rational thought.

Higher Self sees, knows and understands at the highest level possible.  Anchoring the wisdom of the Higher Self into your physicality is part of our spiritual evolution.



Even knowing this, many of us struggle to connect with and develop an ongoing relationship with our Higher Self.  We may understand the concept intellectually but are mystified at how to translate it from idea to feeling to an actual experience.

Some fundamental principles:

  • You are always connected to your Higher Self
  • Higher Self is never negative, loud, frantic or demanding
  • It always upholds freewill and will never override any choice that we make



Deepening Connection

There is no standard way to experience your Higher Self.  How you connect will be different for each of us.  The key is to start with stillness… this is the invitation that opens the door.

It may be through meditation, dreams, a walk in nature, even a near death experience, trauma or out of body experience.  For others it may be as simple as driving a car or taking a long, hot bath.

It’s an uplifting experience when you connect and is unique for each.


As you connect
you’re uplifted and
feel more peace and contentment



The search for love, peace and happiness is universal.  We’ve all experienced it.

Connecting with Higher Self allows you to stop running in place and begin to experience and journey toward your own conscious spiritual evolution.

Higher Self is always with you.  You have the access you need to live an empowered, good, and purposeful life:  to meet the world with heartness with all that brings.



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Deepen Higher Self Connection

A practice to foster and strengthen your alignment to Higher Self and deepen your point of connection:  allowing it to be Clear, Focused and Flowing.


Stillness and Intention

Find a calm place to sit quietly and set an intention to connect with Higher Self.

Start by doing some conscious breathing as you settle yourself and get comfortable.  Silence is an essential element in your connection with that divine part of you.  It’s best to be in a place with few distractions.

This practice is about setting aside time and intention to deepen and build your relationship with your Divine or Higher Self.  Key here is to do the practice.  If you feel you haven’t made contact that’s alright, it’s more about building the relationship.

In the beginning the mind may play with you trying to distract.  Don’t go into battle: the intention you set is all you need to make contact and receive guidance.

Higher Self always responds, you’re just learning how to listen and how to receive


Set aside short periods, maybe five minutes at the beginning of the day or perhaps even 60 seconds a few times a day: you don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this.

It’s all about nurturing and strengthening your connection and your ability to recognize that calmness and inner peace that comes as you make contact.


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Journey to Quicken Inspiration

What do you do when it’s time for an adventure but
you can’t get out of town to explore?

Is there a way to explore unknown territories from where you are?

Maybe there is an adventure that would allow you to travel
further than you ever dreamt and further than
any plane ticket could.



What about marching across that bridge and into your creativity and the land of imagination?  A world you barricaded up and forgot about due to earlier life experiences. Or old rhetoric imposed by saying ‘have to leave it behind with childish toys in order to succeed’. 


Old Structures

Who dictated that instruction?  Is it still relevant?  Is your world the same as it was?  Or have the borders changed?  Perhaps once it made sense but now it does not. 

Just as when new governments roll in it’s time for you to make a few adjustments to reflect the new regime.  You are not who you were back then.   It’s time to make a few renovations to expose what lies beneath.  It may be surprising and quite refreshing and unexpected: a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.



Nothing has been forgotten or left behind it’s all contained within the walls of your heart and soul.

Let’s do a little extraction like gold miners as they use to work back in the day and see what can be unearthed if we do a little sifting through the unconscious.

You may have hidden it to keep it protected: safe from potential intrusion of unwelcomed visitors. It was smart then but have you forgotten that you placed it away for safekeeping?  Where did you put it?  How do you free it?



At some point you got a warning and understood you needed to halt production of freeform, creative thoughts, inventive and just plain quirky ideas. 

Then you were required to conform to what was considered the norm or safe thinking. 

You had to Conform

Needed to stay inside the lines drawn in this widely accepted diagram of what successful people do.   Those rules allege they will lead you to ultimate triumph just as for those others who followed exactly the same rules?  Imitation generates success?



Digging Out

No matter the reason for hiding these treasures inside, the truth is you are now living in a different time.  It is safe to allow that map to reverse out of the invisible and begin to manifest into the visible. 

It will take a different shape and momentum for each of us as to the rhythm of how we choose it to return. 



No one action fits all.  We are unique: each with our own individual fingerprint.  Not trying to place ourselves in some sort of prefabricated mold that just doesn`t fit. 

That is part of the adventure that lies before us.  To be as we are now; allowing what we yearn for.  Those bits we believed lost, eliminated or divorced from who we really are to move slowly but persistently and come forward at their own pace.  



Just as we each have our own particular flavour we have our own distinct pace.  This will change as we continue transitioning, but…

to honour where we are
is to honour where we can be


Honour is a big piece of this part of the puzzle we are trying to assemble. 

It’s when we stop forcing our pieces to match everyone else and allow who we are to be.  No performing.  It’s a ‘Being’ moment. 

One way that Being happens more easily is when we can allow more quiet in.  Even a nanosecond.  

This is the passport that authorizes return and starts to map and follow the tracks to that inner treasure awaiting you.


Much silence makes a powerful noise.
– African Proverb



Simple Step to
Nurture Creativity


Resisting Fear of Failure

Address the fear that you might make a wrong decision
or fail as it can paralyze and arrest your progress.

Take a leap and move beyond it.

If you discover yourself having worries of failing remind yourself that mistakes are simply part of the process and in fact some incredibly successful and inventive ideas were created out of a mistake.

What we perceive as a mistake can lead us to our creative flow.


Believe and Let Yourself Dream

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Stuck in a Rut | How to Move Forward


Getting stuck never has to turn into a personal crisis.

When all you produce is anxiety odds are you’re scared and have opted to let fear prevent you from moving forward.

Here are some ways to avoid anguish and get back on course.


Future Self

Advance your healing and growth by doing timeline work.  As in regression where you go into the past and heal unresolved issues on your timeline.  Visualize yourself in the future and experience an optimal version of yourself who is self actualized.

The aim of future self work is bringing healed aspects and knowledge into the present so your current self may integrate it.


Identify and Surrender

Going against the flow?  This signals a need to surrender.  Something is off although you’re not quite sure what that is but just accept your current reality.

Acknowledge.  Make peace. Breathe into it then let it go.
Be aware of any possibilities or insights that appear.


Welcome your Greatness

Stuck and afraid?  Chances are you’re sensing something amazing on the other side of that fear.  Why?  People gravitate towards the familiar.  Allowing something new in will generate change.  Change is an unknown factor.   Not knowing can terrify us.

Make a shift.  Imagine genuinely embracing the greatness waiting for you.


Breaking Free

Many feel stagnated, trapped or blocked by circumstances.

Suppose these feelings were not created by your current situation but by how you were influenced to approach life.

Nothing happens until you make a decision.  Once you commit you’ve energetically stated an intent.

There is release of energy by making a choice.  Unexpected circumstances, events and people start showing up to support you that never would have happened if you had not made a decision.

The extraordinary power of simply showing up opens energetic pathways to opportunities and living a good and meaningful life.

Come out of the darkness into the light.

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Conscious Living Includes Happiness

Happiness enters when we leave the door open.   How many times have we heard that?  What does it mean?

I am a born and bred city girl.  I grew up in Montreal and as lovely a city as it is, my family never left the door open or even ajar.  Literally or metaphorically.

Part of this was living in an urban city; it did not make sense to not protect the family and everything within our home. 

Part of this was the family system I grew up in.  You guard what is yours and you keep the secrets of the family safe within the family.  That tradition was carefully handed down to me as it had been handed down to my parents before.



Many cherished and valuable legacies are handed down through our family ancestor lines. 

The tough reality is what’s also being inherited are archaic beliefs.  No one would choose consciously to pass these on.   Through the science of behavioural epigenetics, we know that influences that genetically impact our lives are being handed down to us and our children.



Behavioural Epigenetics

Leading edge research in this field shows how it may negatively influence the inheritors of these genes.

Results reveal, when trauma occurs our bodies adapt and make physiological changes to better handle future stressors.  These modified genetics are being passed on to prepare the next generation to deal with comparable trauma. 

Sounds good; yet, if you or earlier generations were traumatized by living through war, domestic violence or sexual abuse, what’s passed on is a skill set of hyper vigilant reflexes that would prove valuable in unsafe, dangerous, life threatening environments. 

What if life isn’t like that for the inheritor?

It can be confusing and interfere with their present reality, make them feel damaged without understanding why.  Creating chaos within their bodies which may react as if they are living under assault when they are not.


Where does Happiness Fit

We look to our family lines to resolve inherited patterns, beliefs and traumas.

No longer bound by obsolete thinking we move forward toward something that reflects the modern world, ourselves as individuals, and where our consciousness lies today.

What about the wisdom, strength and joy that is also positioned in our family lines? Is that a source we can mine?

Of course, it is part of the legacy we inherit.



We get it all. We do not get to cherry pick. It’s essential to unveil a way to accept both the dark and light of our heritage because power resides in it. We can finally rest on the force that is held within all of it.

It’s our inheritance. It’s what has come before. Not our defining personal experience of us as individuals.  

This is a powerful position when we locate a place within ourselves to make peace with where we come from and all our ancestors who came before us.

This goes beyond the people we know about. Welcoming a level of self-acceptance and happiness at being within your own skin and connected into those powerful, energetic lines we are all connected to.



The choice to be happy can be a subtle one.

After all, who would be afraid to be happy? Sounds ridiculous, but oh so many people understand the paradigm of sorrow, lack or misery yet are fearful of taking the reins of happiness and contentment.

Steps towards true happiness and contentment may need to be measured in tiny increments. Like feeding a new born.

This may be a new vibration and a bit of an adjustment to allow ourselves to be in a place of contentment. It may feel unsettling and foreign.

Initially, this can be a place to visit for short periods. Rarely is anyone living constantly in a natural state of happiness and contentment. That is not real life.

Life has the quality of many states. That is how we get to appreciate the gradient shades of what it is to be alive and a participant in life.

 Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap
but by the seeds you plant
– Robert Louis Stevenson

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Intuitive Compass Stuck


Ever denied access to intuitive abilities?
You know you are intuitive.
Yet you feel scrambled.
No access.


Wherever you reside on the spectrum, from instinctive hunches through to a solid knowingness, you have hit some kind of pothole in the road. 

No connection, and maybe not even an awareness of when or how you ended up in this place. 



You have lost your natural ability to assess situations. 

It may also impact your clarity of thinking.  Feeling isolated from that natural, intuitive system housed within you. 

Most of us have experienced some level of being divided from our innate creative instincts and inventiveness.  Those intuition and creative pathways are interconnected.


First Response

As always, it’s good to go back to first principles and check in with yourself to see if you are grounded.

Anytime your system is distressed or unfocused, it’s so easy to go and check in to make sure you are coming from a grounded place.

That check alone can bring everything back on line.  It may be that something jolted you and you disconnected yourself reverting to an old survival tactic.




Intuition Development

You’re grounded and yet your intuition still feels silent here are a couple interventions…

Rest and Recover

Intuition can feel like
its vanished when
needed most

We’re so stressed and exhausted we don’t make time to listen.  Ask what do I need to do to feel better?  Whatever shows up, do it.  Could be turn off the computer, go outside, take a walk, get some sleep.



When your intuition goes mute
instead of trying to fix it you
allow yourself just to BE. 

Allowing calm and quiet helps you find peace and solutions.  Learning to listen requires a mindfulness practice of quieting the mind such as meditation or connection with nature and you also need to discover how you receive information.


Expecting your inner guidance
to show up in a big dramatic

Sometimes it will but more often you hear words of wisdom from a book, tv, or a random person who passes your way.  Sometimes its just a smile, word or a sign from nature to give us a new direction to follow.

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