Oneness Embraces Others

We start alone and we end alone.  Or so the story goes.  Do any of us truly start life alone?  Something interesting to reflect on.

Things don’t change. You change your way of looking, that’s all.
― Carlos Castaneda


My personal journey into this life was a little bumpy, and if it wasn’t for sheer determination of needing to be here I might have turned back, or so goes my personal narrative.  Is it true?  Maybe.  Or perhaps I needed this story in order make sense and order of some really disorganized, crazy circumstances that happened to me.  Does it matter?  Not really.  Could I spin out trying to figure out what was true?  Sure, but that might not be where I should be looking.


How we get here might not matter? What we do when we land might be more interesting.  Did my experience help me develop and evolve? Yup.  Did I need this particular experience to help me evolve?  Nope, it could have arrived in many different ways this was just the one that showed up at that particular moment.


I wonder if sometimes we get stuck looking in the wrong place trying to locate the truth. Maybe what we are trying to locate is not the truth but actually trying to make sense of something that sometimes is nonsensical.   


I am in no way devaluing anyone’s experience or trauma but trying to expand out the vision so we don’t get stuck in a myopic version of our story.  Instead we let ourselves to expand out in to the universal collective instead of detaching and going it alone.


Is there a way to honour our story and who we are and  stay connected to the universal collective?  Did my arrival into my family mean that I had to sever my connection to the universal collective?

No, but in my case that happened.  I couldn’t hold both.  Was it that my parents didn’t known how to hold both so I followed suit. Maybe.  And possibly there is another truth but I wasn’t ready to embrace it with the consciousness I had at that time.


What if expansion were easier than you thought?  What if we approach from a different angle instead of removing the handcuffs of your childhood or other experiences?  What if they were still there as you worked through and you could find a way for those imprints to exist and for you to still be linked in.  What if you didn’t need to die in order to live?  What if life is more fluid than that?


This is not having your cake and eating it too thinking.  We need to drop some of these schemes and be in the here and now in an ever present way.  Consider that you are always connected.  There is not one moment you have not been connected.  You can never, not be part of the universal collective.  The universal collective cannot exist without you.  It is not possible.

The universal collective is each and every one who passes through here:  past, present, and future.

WE forget.  We are unable to tolerate being part of the universal collective at times, but have no recollection on why.  Strange.  Unthinkable, and yet we all have done it, at least most of us.


A strand that is so easy, so compelling and so strong and bursting with lifeforce, and yet we are constantly forgetting the strength of that strand, and that we too make up that strand that is noble and free.

Doesn’t matter what economic, political, social strings you identify with, we are all the universal collective.  If we could tap into the strand how powerful we, as people, could be.  So what stops us?   We do.  We are afraid to remember that we are one.  And being one with all our differences is simple, free and powerful.


Do each and every one of us need to own it?  No, but it is there at any time for any one of us to reach out, touch, remember and be with the power, strength and knowledge that is there for all of us: not just a chosen few perceived more special    We each have the capability and capacity to be all this and more.  

 Pause | Reflect | Allow | Bring forth 
These alone could allow inner peace in.

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