New Circumstance Old Patterns

The air smells of freedom. Life is new. The situation is fresh and alive. Unexpectedly arriving, knocking at the door, pleading to be let back in, are the old comfortable patterns.

They don’t make you happy. But, are oh so familiar and comfortable in a most uncomfortable way and there appears to be is a lot of baggage with them. They’re here for the long haul. Intellect says no. Been there, done that. But there is something inside that remembers the old patterns and is unfamiliar with the freedom in the new territory you have entered.


The universe is challenging you. Okay, you say you’ve changed: let’s test that theory out. This may show up in different ways; can be tempting, seductive or just plain in your face confrontational.

On the surface it would appear to be a no brainer. Freedom ‘YES’. Old limiting patterns ‘NO’. But there can be a pullback, even a temporary setback that draw us backwards back into the trap. We thought we were smarter than this.


It’s how we cope. Can we stay grounded, clear and move forward? Or do we get stuck back in it even momentarily? It shows up through relationships, circumstances, unexpected events. Frequently we are caught off guard.

Turning Points

What do we do now? Make the same decision or do we choose something else? These crossroads can be pivotal to what happens next.

What’s changed to make this different? Is it simply we are back in fantasy-land thinking this time will be different. No idea how or why, but we did wish ‘really’ hard for this to happen. Maybe that’s enough. Maybe this time it can be fueled simply by wish fulfillment. That could be the vehicle to create a difference this time.

If you are maneuvering down this lane, better put your seat belt on, because it sounds like eventually you’re going to crash-land. Hope you bought insurance this time round.


Electing to choose something new is a risky and brave move. Exercising your free will can leave you feeling more like a stranger in a strange land. Need to learn the new language and customs. But the pull to move towards something new can feel stronger than hiding out on a well-worn roadway.


Nothing is written in stone. Allow flexibility to change your mind. If something isn’t fitting anymore, it’s not fitting. It’s freeing and empowering when you contemplate your life through this lens. Conscious living brings opportunity. Sometimes our vision goes askew and we forget how to be in life in a mindful and conscious way.

Whichever choice you make: OWN IT

Make it consciously. You are the one making the choice. No one else. Even when it feels like others are making the choice for you, know that you always are the chief decision maker.

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