Negotiating Fear and Panic

How do we feel safe again in the world when we are facing stress and anxiety on a global level as we have never seen before?

We are in a confusing and destabilizing time. Nobody knows what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, or a couple months from now. What’s it going to look like when we are on the other side of this? Keep in mind that before the coronavirus effect many people were already experiencing stress or anxiety in their daily lives… so when you add this virus in it just magnifies everything. Feelings of fear and anxiety are completely normal during times like this.

Fear Factors

Now imagine you’re a person who already experiences depression, anxiety, fear or panic. How much more difficult it must be to find your way to navigate through this. Everything is moving so fast and while most of us are concerned about what the future holds, those with anxiety disorders might be stuck and fixated in fear and worry that feels uncontrollable.

What if we add into the mix the global scope and immediacy of social media and how it can spread fear infecting us even faster than the dangerous covid-19 outbreak? Fear is contagious. Did you know that when we watch or hear a person who is scared that activates fear in us – without even knowing what triggered the other person’s fear?


It’s a frightening time when everyone’s senses and emotions are heightened. For many of us it’s the uncertainty circling around the impact of CV19 which is the most overwhelming.

Most of us are already in areas impacted by the virus; others are trying to prepare for what might come next. We don’t know, and that not knowing can push us into overwhelm. It is an easy step to then start to catastrophize and spin out into panic.


The CV19 impact has fundamentally changed the way we live and work together, encouraging us to adopt simplicity. Let’s increase our focus on our internal world. The inner landscape is really all we can control right now.

No one wants to be in the current situation we face, but taking time to relax and calm your mind, tune into your body and reconnect to your spirit is essential especially during this time of chaos.

Here are some tools you can use to help release stress and bring you back into a place of peace, alignment, and safety.

MEDITATION| creates clarity instead of acting out from fear and confusion or acting in from guilt and blame, you come from a clear and solid space to make decisions.

Even 5 minutes a day has proven to provide a myriad of benefits to reduce stress and anxiety. It can be as simple as spending a couple minutes in the morning visualizing white light entering through the crown of your head and filling you body. As you see yourself filling with light, feel how deeply you are relaxing. Here is a meditation journey you can take.

SENSE PERCEPTION | Meditation Journey Practice

FEEL ALONE | supporting someone else activates brain chemicals such as serotonin and oxytocin and prevents the release of chemicals that promote fear and weaken immunity. For those who live alone and those who feel alone, while social distancing and self isolating is required finding ways to reach out to others can uplift you as well as those you reach out to.

You can text, email or drop an ‘old school’ handwritten note in their mailbox. Helping others doesn’t just build social connection it also builds chemical ones as well. It changes how we feel and how we experience the world.

BREATHWORK | 4-7-8 | Count to 4 on inhale – hold for 7 exhale over 8 When stressed or anxious our breathing becomes shallow so less oxygen is entering into our body.

Deep breaths tell our brain we’re okay and not in imminent danger. Your cells are flooded with oxygen which allows your body to function at an optimum level.

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