Mudras Shift Energy

I love the simplicity of using Mudras to open, transform and enhance your overall wellbeing.In Sanskrit Mudra means gesture or seal. Mudras are mainly used in a meditation or contemplation practice directing the flow of energy within the body.

How Mudras Work

You stimulate different areas when you place your hands in certain positions. Different areas of the hands are connected with areas in the body and in the brain. This will help to generate a specific state of mind. Mudras work to stimulate energetic pathways in your body. Any time you are feeling physically or mentally run down, weary or out of balance they help you tap into hidden energy reserves.

Ganesha Mudra

Named after the Hindu Ganesh. Ganesh is considered the remover of obstacles and said to bring back self-confidence and courage to move beyond whatever obstacles that is holding one back.

Practice: place you left hand in front of your chest, palm outwards and grasp the left fingers with the right hand. The hands stay at the level of the heart as they are energetically pulled without releasing the position.

Repeat on the other side to maintain the balance. Do up to 6 times.

Ganesha mudra helps to dispel fear and open the heart chakra. Boosts confidence, courage, compassion and openness.

Prana Mudra

Prana is the vital force that is within all living things.The Prana mudra is thought to be one of the most important mudras as its ability to activate dormant energy in your body. Sometimes it is referred to as the ‘healing’ mudra. This mudra will help awaken your personal prana putting you more in tune with the prana around you.

Practice: join the tips of your ring finger and pinky finger and your thumb together. Let the other two fingers remain stretched. As you hold the position breathe slow inhalations and exhalations.

Hold from 2 minutes to 15 minutes.

Prana mudra restores our energy reserves increases vitality, reduces fatigue and nervousness. Improves our assertiveness, self confidence, courage and ability to see things through.

Rudra Mudra

This mudra relates to your transformative abilities. It activates your solar plexus aka your personal power centre and stimulates creativity and improves self worth. Increases clarity, concentration and focusing your thoughts.

Practice: touching the tips of your index and ring fingers to the top of the thumb, while keeping the middle finger and little finger fingers stretched out in a comfortable relaxed position.

Hold for at least 5 minutes.

Rudra mudra strengthens personal will and sense of self. It can also help deal with exhaustion, dizziness and chronic tension to energize and empower. Combatting fatigue, impatience, heavy heart and anxiety.

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