Mudras Invite Illumination

Mudras have been around for thousands of years and although the absolute origin is unknown they have appeared in different traditions and religions through the ages. Mudra a Sanskrit word meaning seal or symbol.  A gesture or hand position that locks and guides the energy flow and reflexes to the brain. 

When used in meditation or rituals the energy state of the mind is being subtly influenced.  By crossing, curling and touching the fingers and hands we can talk to the body and mind as each area of the hand corresponds to specific parts of the mind or body. Within the hand gestures there are connecting principles at play.

It is the heart that does the giving; the fingers only let go.
— Nigerian saying


A mudra may contain a concept, energy or route to take and can be an entrance to our inner life. Mudras communicate thoughts intentions and emotions and can have direct effect on our consciousness.  Use mudras as part of your meditation practice, rituals or use them through the day as mindfulness practices. Hold the mudra for several minutes so the energy of the position can be more deeply internalized. Can help drawing you inwards. Notice what happens.


Resist any impulse to make something happen even looking for something to happen. Just be with what is. Give thanks and be present and patient for how the mudra touches you and your consciousness. Use the support of mudras to influence your mind and to soften your heart.  Mudras can be used to get rid of negative thoughts or balance calmness.

Hand Gestures


Possibly the most used mudra. Join top of the thumb and index finger together. This symbolizes the unity of universal and individual consciousness.

Increases concentration, creativity and is a gesture of knowledge.


Join tips of little finger and thumb together. Enhances intuitive communication and openness.

Can strengthen intuitive knowledge.


Place right hand on top of left. Right hand represents enlightenment and higher spiritual abilities resting over left which represents illusion. The Buddha is often depicted doing this mudra. Brings you into deeper and more profound concentration.

Fosters tranquility and inner peace.


Palms together in front of heart chakra symbolizes honor and respect towards the universe and yourself. Unites right and left brain hemispheres symbolizing our connection to ourselves and others. Neutralizes and balances yin and yang and centre. Often accompanied with Namaste as a greeting.

Expresses love and gratitude.

Palm Meditation Positions

Palms upwards

Positions mind and body in an open receptive manner enhancing our listening abilities on all levels to receive information.

Palms downwards

Allows inward calm and focus. Blocks out noise and quiets the mind.

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