Moving Beyond the Fear of Success

Are you living your authentic, successful life? Achieving goals, creating meaningful connections, a happy life?

We want success, but the reality is success means change. Even when it’s the change you’ve always desired, there can be an underlying fear of the unknown.

We each have blind spots which can hold us back. If you’re not aware, how can you expect to achieve your potential? Lasting happiness and success require self-awareness.

Navigating the Journey

How much time have you invested into thinking about failure? Fear paralyzes and stops us from making good decisions. How often we remain in unhealthy relationships, a job we hate; all because it`s scary to make a move. Change comes in unexpected ways: relationships, career, health, beliefs, priorities will change. Life is always evolving.


You need to determine what authentic success is for you. It’s personal. Never defined by what others think is right for you. What brings meaning to your life? It may be career, family, doing things you love, being of service… making a difference in the world.

The key to authentic success is to harmonize with and match your soul frequency.

Embrace your Ugly

What if I allow myself to step into my own power? What would the world look like? Will I be accepted? Will people still like me? Will I become a different person? Will I be good enough to sustain success? We all have things we avoid or ignore because they are places we feel vulnerable.

What is it about success that frightens you? Fear of change, something deeper? What if that troublesome voice in your head is working with outdated information? What if that disruptive fear has nothing to do with now, but is a deep-seated fear from past experience or trauma. Is it inherited from earlier generations on your ancestral line?

Fear of success is toxic and feeds into feelings of worthlessness. Where you direct your focus, thoughts and energy becomes your reality.

Focusing on avoiding failure, you’re subconsciously manifesting failure. Putting your energy toward success creates an entirely different outcome.

You place thought + action + expertise and this will create a movement.

Am I Enough?

We can achieve success: we have great potential. There may be some limitations distorting our vision or purpose.

Have you ever attained your goal but ended up messing up, doing something that resulted in your success fading away. We may unknowingly be holding onto unspoken grief, and unresolved issues. It`s time we release what`s no longer needed to make space for success.

Have you been aligning with scarcity, fear of being seen, not being good enough… while thinking you were aligning with success? When do you first remember feeling this? As an adult, child or has it always been there? Did you grow up in an environment that fostered fear? Or did you come into the world with it?

Facing our fear of success may feel overwhelming. Put one foot in front of the other. Take a breath. Remember, success is energy: you either align with that energy or you don’t.

Be Bold. Be Brave.

Ask for help. If you don’t know how, ask for help to figure it out. Relax. It’s all part of the process. Allow yourself to make mistakes. To succeed you need to be fluid and listen to your inner guidance system.

Start simply. Each step creates a building block in your foundation. You’re laying down new ways to move in the world. Create an environment that nurtures you. Surround yourself with people who support your vision and believe in you.

We are all creators and each of us is unique. Take a breath. Ask yourself, what is stopping me from being successful? What do I love? What do I want to achieve in my life? Success is a frequency. Tune into that frequency and feel a new sense of aliveness. It’s time to find yours.

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