Meditation: Sensory System


The reason we meditate may be as distinct and individual as we are.   Inside of us there is an endless source of inner peace, stillness and joy.  Even while our world is speeding up around us, no matter how crazy or unmanageable life feels, we can always tap into this flow which restores equanimity and balance.

Meditation helps you acquire the capacity to align with the vital force of the universe and the primordial energy that infuses everything.  Cultivating a meditation practice allows you to slow down life.  Not suggesting that you must live a slow life: when you meditate, you create a space of stillness allowing you to slow down within your inner space.

Inner space is the part of the mind normally inaccessible through ordinary waking perception.  Inner space consciousness and the essential soul are one and the same.  Inner space is an ever-changing, evolving field of potential.  You may experience yourself as vast and expansive, a sense of beingness and connection to the entire universe.   A sense of being at peace.  This always opens you up to possibilities, creativity and a myriad of insights.


Zooming In

Meditation brings us to a deeper awareness into different facets of our life.  Not unlike taking a photo with your phone, you zoom in on the screen to see certain qualities of the picture.

Right now, what creates my experience?  I feel my body and then I take a breath in, and again feel my body.  I see if I can stay in my body.  Everyone knows their body somewhat but, in this moment, I pay deliberate attention to my body.

There is one thing that always carries us quickly back to our body and our own distinct rhythm.  It’s our own breath… the breath of life which was there with us from the very start.  Breath is a movement and it has a rhythm.  When I am moving too fast, feeling anxious and stressed, or detached I return to my constant companion, my breath.  My breath helps me come home to my body, myself and my own rhythm.  This is the foundation of meditation which always begins with awareness and my breath.


We deepen our meditations further when we focus attention on body sensations.  Your breath is here and also your body sensations are here.  When you start to place your focus there you amplify the scale of clarity.

When I am busy with living my life and mega focused on my outside world, I lose touch with what’s going on inside of me.  If I close my eyes and bring my focus back to me, at once I am aware of a myriad of perceptions, awareness and sensations going on.

If I place my focus on my external environment, I now see many more details and have more clarity.  My breath brings me back to my sense perceptions and also back to the present moment and to my heart.  Perhaps now I can feel more space.  I can view situations, others or myself with more of a mindfulness, openness and compassion.  You have entered inner space where there is more awareness and you have more capacity.



Some have called the inner space a place to observe or witness our internal process. 

An interesting question is, if I can witness my breathing what in me is aware of me witnessing my breath?  What part witnesses the breath?  What part is aware of my felt body sensations?  If I increase my focus on my feet, hands, or the aliveness of my body what part of me is witnessing this?

When I meditate what I know and trust is I am alive and I am breathing and there is some part in me that witnesses this.  These are the pieces that help me to be grounded and centred. 


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