Manifesting What May Come

Ever tried to manifest something and then what you wanted never happened.  Could you have been looking in the wrong place?  Missed what the universe was offering?

“Do not insist that the universe comply with your understanding of it.”  ~ Gary Zukav


Like a mesmerized audience member entranced by a magician, who has distracted you from keeping your eye on the prize, to miss what the reality is.  You may be suffering from tunnel vision that is excluding many opportunities that lie in front of you.


Basic manifesting philosophy: hold a clear intention of what it is you want to create.  Do this from a grounded clear space.  Hold that intention and then let it go.

You have put it out into the universe.  Trust that it will come and be thankful for all that comes after.  Do not keep putting it out in a frantic way. Then you change the original intention.   It is no longer solid and clear, it has now become desperate and unfocused.  You can even be attaching scarcity beliefs to it.

Ground.  Be Clear.   Move on.  


What is required here is a little space, belief and trust in the universe. Belief in your ability to manifest healthy, clear and positive outcomes.  We both know you have experience of the reverse and maybe that has happened a few times.

But what happened then is like an old vinyl record getting stuck in a groove which keeps repeating and repeating eventually manifesting something not wanted but inadvertently created.

Change the Lens

Fine-tune what you are capable of seeing now. It changes over time but it is essential to accept where you are.  This allows you to see what is here now for you.  You might get stuck in the details and lose sight of the big picture.  


Toss away that telescope which has you looking for exactly what it is you want to manifest. You may miss out on something bright and shiny here waiting for you now.  This could lead on to the next piece and so on and so on… leading you directly to what you are trying to manifest.


Oh wait. Could it lead you to something better?

There is one thing I know for sure:  whatever I can think or dream up

the universe always has something better in mind for me

It is a truly benevolent universe we live in. If we take off our blinders and allow ourselves to roll down the windows and let the wind blow in you never know what will turn up.  That is where the real prize lies, not in the small we are trying to create and control.  Allow flexibility in so our highest good can be manifested instead of carving it down into something wonderful but not as quintessential as the universe has in mind.

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