Magic of Receiving

Start by saying “I am Open to Receive” and notice what happens.

We are all creators, but an essential element of the creation process is our ability to give and receive. Sounds simple. How hard can it be to give or receive? It’s interesting how some people flow with it like water and others are forever struggling. Why such a difference?

Out of Balance?

Are you settling for less? Have you put the brakes on? Are you telling the universe that you’re not ready to accept all that is rightfully yours?

I will give but I’m not ready to receive yet; I will receive but I’m not trusting that there is enough, so I’ll hold off giving.

Can you live in an empowered way if you place restrictions upon yourself?

Energy Exchange

The power of intention is what drives the natural Law of Giving and Receiving. If the energy behind the act of giving is open, joyful and light, coming from the heart it sets it in motion. Even increasing beyond what was given.

If we give from a coerced, resentful place or feel as if we’re losing something by giving we create a cycle of want, lack and scarcity. The energy driving this is an unwillingness to give, and if not freely given, stagnation and blockages follow: placing you in the energy of not having enough.

If you want love and appreciation… learn to give love and appreciation. If you are looking to manifest more prosperity… help others to become more prosperous.

The more you give, the more you will receive. You want to live a good and happy life, then silently bless others with the same.

Investigate | Redirect

By now, you’re aware of deficiencies in your belief system needing adjustment. Beware of getting caught up in a recycling mode, also known as self sabotage. Your focus is not to look at what’s behind you, but to direct your attention into the present moment and what lies ahead.

1.    Anchor yourself in the present.

2.   Ask for help to release any noxious patterns.

3.   Expect it to come.

4.   Open to receive.

How to Start?

We don’t need to earn the right to receive, nor the right to be. That is part of the ‘myth’. The problem is some of us have bought so strongly into this misconception that it has become a solid belief nestled tightly within a damaging set of patterns.

We come with a set of beliefs in place. This may impact our self image or the beliefs we carry and can limit us. Some are carryovers from previous times; others taken on for this particular experience.

Your innate nature is to align with the flow of giving and receiving. If you have allowed anything to diminish that capability, it’s time to change. You have a right to be here. It’s time to move into your power.

Welcome Zone

We are all to share in what’s being offered. Think of the process as stepping stones. The power to manifest is always within you. Some know and trust the process; others spend time fixated on blame and lack, instead of focusing on the abundance and wisdom that is always here.

If you are now in a place where you are ready to receive totally and fully; at peace with it and yourself; celebrate it! Know you are blessed with the wonders that life has to offer without censoring or limiting what comes to you. It starts with you and it ends with you.

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