Love the Fire of the Flame

Life begins in a breath of love for most. Spiritual teachings gently guide us back to love as the starting point.  Love is complex. Love is simple. Some run to it and others run from it.  Love defines us, divides us but always unites us.  Love can be the light for eternal gateways into unexplored galaxies of knowing and consciousness.


The love I speak of is a love of life. There is such a strong force that happens when you allow that to enter. The possibilities burst open like a pinãta that has been struck with the force of excited desire wanting the contents.


If you allow it to enter, you can be showered with possibilities you only dreamt of. Hmm… If you allow it? Does that mean you have some say on whether it enters or not?  Does that also mean you are not at the whim of universal forces that surround and support us? That you are also invited to the table? You are the decision maker on whether this can be a true star to follow.


Do you play it safe and stay frozen in family fear? The transgenerational belief that kept those who came before under the illusion of safety when it was really a transfixed fear of being who they were. 

A dread of being called different and unique. Being able to be seen.

Is that real jeopardy to put yourself in? To allow who you are to finally show up? To love and embrace who and what you are in this very moment? Is that the awful truth you have spent lifetimes running from or has it been running to?


You get to decide and map out what it is you want included in your experience. Does that become a priority or possibility when I reorient myself and begin again?  By grounding and allowing myself to be more present in the here and now, I become a member of this club from which I always felt excluded from.

Maybe this sense of not belonging, not being good enough, not being able to show up as I truly am, was how I covered myself to disguise that I was afraid to step forward and be included. To be accountable… for the decisions I make and the decisions I don`t make.  Afraid to be named as who I am in this moment in time. Nothing more. Just who I am in this very moment.

End or Begin

After a time only confusion reigns.  You can no longer tell if you are moving towards or scurrying away because you are in such a hurry not to be in the safety of silence.   A silence that will hold you and let you know what the truth of life is.

“Travelers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”
― Antonio Machado

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