Life Detours or Amazing Grace

As none of us came supplied with a game plan, it can be a curious journey each of us undertakes.  Happily moving in one direction and then suddenly a gentle nudge or, for the more stubborn, it can be a bumpy ride, setback or eventually an accident which gets our attention.

This doesn’t need to capsize us. It can help reorient us and steer in another direction if we have been going off course.  If we persistently refuse, then the universe will increase the intensity of our experiences to get us to halt, or at the very least, pause to weigh what’s happening.


For those who are a little obstinate, they will continue to receive more strong-arm encouragement from the universe to help stop them moving in the wrong direction.  The universe never dictates what to do but does provide ample opportunities to change course.


When presented with circumstance where we don’t see the wonderful opportunities for growth; why do we shrink back refusing to look in the shiny direction calling us forward? Instead wanting to remain in the familiar if somewhat shady, dark, confusing spaces.

Perhaps situations or relationships are no longer in our best interest, but we are afraid to take that necessary, risky step forward. We forget that we reside in a friendly universe and think instead that we are under attack.

Naturally, this brings our defense system up shifting us into survival mode. We have misinterpreted the signals.


Great if we have the ability to do a reality check to see if this is a ‘real’ survival situation or are we automatically overreacting. At other times we may have already gone into a shutdown and barricaded ourselves within.

When we find ourselves locked in and feel under attack we need to figure out what is true. Then we use the tools in our toolkit of resources to figure out the next move. Is this real danger or have we again become stuck in old beliefs? Is there a way to calm the waters so we can work it out?


There are a many energetic forces to access and ride the wave of. Those waves help us surf instead of drown in a sea of distress and move us back into the present and a beingness place. It is a benevolent universe we reside in. We are sentient beings who have free choice and free will. It will always be our decision.



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