Kindness and Compassion Expands Consciousness

We all want to live juicy, rich, full lives.  The truth is all people will eventually make mistakes and disappoint us.

We humans tend to live life in messy ways; that’s not all bad, it is just human imperfection at work. This is part of the joy of allowing kindness and compassion to surface in the challenging moments of our life.

Picture this

Connecting to your heart or the heart of another allows loving kindness and compassion to enter our relationships in times of instability. This intention builds and expands relationships within us and between us, whether extending kindness and compassion to those we know and love, or to ourselves for some much needed self-care.

Or channelling loving kindness and compassion towards the collective, which in every moment needs this: allowing us to offer up in a more global way by being a good citizen in this world we all cohabit; leaving our footprints here, now and forever.


Can we find kindness or compassion when we are feeling darkness within ourselves or unsafe within our world?  

Sometimes despair and hopelessness feel like they are the barricades that keeps us safe.  Does that even make sense?  Why would we ever want to stand in the shade of sadness and overwhelming gloom?


While running through life you are existing in a state of resistance and cannot feel or even experience the moment. When feeling anxious and reluctant to be in the present moment this resistance shows up. Rushing can indicate an absence or scarcity of time or even an absence of space within ourselves.

Consider building a gap between moments. Where instead of feeling like life is zooming by… you make a small modification. This can make an enormous difference in moving you to where you need to be.  Adjust the speed… even if only by a couple beats. This changes the rhythm and transforms how you position and envision yourself.

Change the Pace

You’re laying the foundation to change. Do it in slow, incremental steps which create authentic transformation.  Holding the intention of loving kindness and compassion creates a level of attunement with yourself, your surroundings and other people.

  1. Slow down and simplify. Review how you spend your time. Are you wasting time? Distracting yourself from difficult situations, relationships or feelings?  Take a break. Step away. Focus on your breath. Give attention to a few relaxed cycles of slowly inhaling and exhaling. You can’t do it wrong.
  2. Once you recognize how loving kindness and compassion expand relationships and consciousness you will experience things differently. Walking this path is supported by the knowledge and heart centred communication and connections you create. The more you notice, the more you see and perceive. It becomes an adventure in awareness.

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