Kali Fierce and Transformative

Kali is the goddess of endings of cycles.  The death, rebirth and transformational energy that lets go of the old and brings in the new.

She is FierceThere are some misconceptions around what she embodies. Some see her solely as a dark goddess or black destructive energy, but she is actually a loving energy that helps free us from fear.

She is about emancipation and liberation

Destroy to Employ

She destroys only what keeps us in bondage or what diverts us from our journey or mission: something like a mother keeping her children safe from harm.

Kali can change the cycle and produce life out of nothing. Where there is fear she can bring movement and courage. Where there is sorrow she can dance and bring forward joy.


Kali energy encourages us to trust the process and consider accepting universal order despite how challenging it feels.

We hold on to people, beliefs, habits and situations even though they may be harmful or dysfunctional because the chaos is a known, a familiar experience and change can feel unknown and unsettling.

We might even start to ask the ‘what if question…’ getting ourselves stuck in make-believe. That’s where some of our most limiting circumstances cements us to the past… wishing things were different.  It is vital to keep letting go.


Endings are a natural part of universal law. When we fear them or try to oppose them then we become trapped.  It’s unnatural for anything to remain exactly the same. 

Everything is energy and energy has a constant flow, movement and rhythm.  When something changes and ends: something is created and the next phase begins to land and unfold.

Kali Consciousness

This is a very high consciousness and energy frequency and vibration.  There is so much life and passion to the Kali energy:  Vitality, Renewal, Existence, Strong Healthy Feminine, Fire and Focus

Working with this aligns us with courage, determination, motivation and protection.

As you are moving into new cycles and starting to birth something new whether on the career, relationship or personal front, the Kali vibration can be a real asset as you move forward to nurture and start to grow this new life you are creating.

Kali is one of those juicy fire energies that can help us roll in the changes needed. It is such a noble and golden fierceness that allows flexibility to reign again so we can rise up and meet what’s coming next.

Invoking Kali

Fierce and Determined Fire Energy

Many ways to invoke Kali. A simple one is to think   ‘Kali, Kali, Kali’ and that calls forth her energy.  It’s more about holding the intention of bringing her frequency in and allowing some of the energy of the vibration to come forward.

You will feel the difference almost immediately. When that energy is called upon it comes. It comes because it is needed and you are ready.  It’s simple.

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