Journey to Quicken Inspiration

What do you do when it’s time for an adventure but you can’t get out of town to explore? Is there a way to explore unknown territories from where you are?  Maybe there is an adventure that would allow you to travel further than you ever dreamt and further than any plane ticket could.


What about marching across that bridge and into your creativity and the land of imagination?  A world you barricaded up and forgot about due to earlier life experiences. Or old rhetoric imposed by saying ‘have to leave it behind with childish toys in order to succeed’. 

Old Structures

Who dictated that instruction?  Is it still relevant?  Is your world the same as it was?  Or have the borders changed?  Perhaps once it made sense but now it does not. 

Just as when new governments roll in it’s time for you to make a few adjustments to reflect the new regime.  You are not who you were back then.   It’s time to make a few renovations to expose what lies beneath.  It may be surprising and quite refreshing and unexpected: a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.


Nothing has been forgotten or left behind it’s all contained within the walls of your heart and soul.  Let’s do a little extraction like gold miners as they use to work back in the day and see what can be unearthed if we do a little sifting through the unconscious.

You may have hidden it to keep it protected: safe from potential intrusion of unwelcomed visitors. It was smart then but have you forgotten that you placed it away for safekeeping?  Where did you put it?  How do you free it?


At some point you got a warning and understood you needed to halt production of free-form, creative thoughts, inventive and just plain quirky ideas.   Then you were required to conform to what was considered the norm or safe thinking. 

You had to Conform

Needed to stay inside the lines drawn in this widely accepted diagram of what successful people do.   Those rules allege they will lead you to ultimate triumph just as for those others who followed exactly the same rules?  Imitation generates success?  

Digging Out

No matter the reason for hiding these treasures inside, the truth is you are now living in a different time.  It is safe to allow that map to reverse out of the invisible and begin to manifest into the visible.  It will take a different shape and momentum for each of us as to the rhythm of how we choose it to return. 


No one action fits all.  We are unique: each with our own individual fingerprint.  Not trying to place ourselves in some sort of prefabricated mold that just doesn’t fit. 

That is part of the adventure that lies before us.  To be as we are now; allowing what we yearn for.  Those bits we believed lost, eliminated or divorced from who we really are to move slowly but persistently and come forward at their own pace.  


Just as we each have our own particular flavour we have our own distinct pace.  This will change as we continue transitioning, but… to honour where we are is to honour where we can be

Honour is a big piece of this part of the puzzle we are trying to assemble.  It’s when we stop forcing our pieces to match everyone else and allow who we are to be.  No performing.  It’s a ‘Being’ moment. 

One way that Being happens more easily is when we can allow more quiet in.  Even a nanosecond.    This is the passport that authorizes return and starts to map and follow the tracks to that inner treasure awaiting you.

Much silence makes a powerful noise
 African Proverb  

 Simple Step to Nurture Creativity

~ Resisting Fear of Failure

Address the fear that you might make a wrong decision or fail as it can paralyze and arrest your progress.  Take a leap and move beyond it.

If you discover yourself having worries of failing remind yourself that mistakes are simply part of the process and in fact some incredibly successful and inventive ideas were created out of a mistake.

~ What we perceive as a mistake can lead us to our creative flow.

Believe and Let Yourself Dream

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