Intuitive Compass Stuck

Ever denied access to intuitive abilities?
You know you are intuitive.
Yet you feel scrambled.
No access.


Wherever you reside on the spectrum, from instinctive hunches through to a solid knowingness, you have hit some kind of pothole in the road.   No connection, and maybe not even an awareness of when or how you ended up in this place. 

You have lost your natural ability to assess situations.  It may also impact your clarity of thinking.  Feeling isolated from that natural, intuitive system housed within you.  Most of us have experienced some level of being divided from our innate creative instincts and inventiveness.  Those intuition and creative pathways are interconnected.

First Response

As always, it’s good to go back to first principles and check in with yourself to see if you are grounded.  Anytime your system is distressed or unfocused, it’s so easy to go and check in to make sure you are coming from a grounded place.  That check alone can bring everything back on line.  It may be that something jolted you and you disconnected yourself reverting to an old survival tactic.


Intuition Development

Rest and Recover

  • Intuition can feel like its vanished when needed most.   We’re so stressed and exhausted we don’t make time to listen.  Ask what do I need to do to feel better?  Whatever shows up, do it.  Could be turn off the computer, go outside, take a walk, get some sleep.


  • When your intuition goes mute instead of trying to fix it you allow yourself just to BE.  Allowing calm and quiet helps you find peace and solutions.  Learning to listen requires a mindfulness practice of quieting the mind such as meditation or connection with nature and you also need to discover how you receive information.


  • Expecting your inner guidance to show up in a big dramatic
    Sometimes it will but more often you hear words of wisdom from a book, tv, or a random person who passes your way.  Sometimes its just a smile, word or a sign from nature to give us a new direction to follow.

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