Intuition, Trust and Connection

What happens when you feel like your trust in a person has been fractured? Could it have been sparked by old imprints of an out-dated belief system?

Time to investigate whether it’s a true breach or merely a projection. It can be tricky to unravel. First, listen to what’s going on inside. If this is near impossible, that’s your first signal something is off.

The more you ground yourself, the clearer things become. Do this from a position of calmness. As your capacity to access stillness grows, your thoughts will become clearer and less likely to be twisted up in projections, defense mechanisms or self-justifications. The clearer you become, the finer resolution of intuitive knowing you are able to interpret.


This is not a war of wills, nor a retreat to protect and keep you safe. You are not being pitted against another. If any of these thoughts or feelings show up, then you could be within the range of old defense mechanisms, warning you of danger.

This is erroneous data no longer valid. Any of these situations can distort the level of integrity of intuitive knowing you are able to access. Your intuition has been compromised and your knowingness will be contaminated.  This is not True Knowing…

Nexus Points

Why is it so hard to allow connection and permit innate intuitive knowingness to emerge? We sometimes unwittingly bottleneck the flow. This is unconscious, buried deep within. Hidden to keep safe from prying eyes.  Existence is about connection: with other people, our environment. The healthier our relationships the more connections we are able to grow and sustain.


Intuition grows out of connections. We can learn how to be intuitive or psychic from books, people, or even the internet. But the real juice of intuition never can come solely through another individual.

Each of us is born fully equipped to be an intuitive, sentient being with heart-felt ways of living in the world.

Life experience can dictate the need for compromise, of putting something away for safekeeping. No one person has all the answers. The answer you look for in another resides inside of you. 


Others don’t know how to obtain your truth. They can guide and help you find direction. But they can never know you better than you know yourself. You alone hold that key.  

There are mentors, teachers, therapists, who can help but YOU must always tune into what is right for you. They will teach discernment and how to listen and open your heart, share knowledge, and the experience of going ahead of you on the path. If you listen with your heart, doors open and you land exactly where you need to be:

Home. Wholeness. Connected to ALL.

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