Inner Peace 💗Finding your way Home

We experience inner peace when our body, mind, heart and soul unite: offering us an essential silence in a world of never-ending noise. As the noise quiets we feel the space between our thoughts — this is inner peace. It radiates from the inside out. We can rest on this energy feeling safe, expanded, nourished and restored.

While inner peace is a choice life sometimes feels as if it creates obstacles to attaining inner peace. Whether you’re running late, stuck in traffic, having a disagreement… your mind can flip into overdrive when what you need is calmness and clarity. As you deepen your experience of inner peace, life will open and improve in many ways.


The energetic space in which we live is always present. Think about it. The frequency of peace will always radiate in this energetic field and sometimes we will notice and presence it. Other times we won’t.

We forget that external chaos is a reflection of what’s happening within our internal emotional state. When I am upset, angry or go on automatic, I lose touch with myself getting lost in the noise around me. Again, forgetting how easy it is to slow down and tune in to this impulse of peace radiating in my field. By calming down and centering, I regain inner peace.


Let’s start with what it’s not. It’s not about anything external. It’s never about being perfect, in control or faking it. Or being calm but never taking a risk nor having any fun. The more you struggle and try to force it, inner peace will elude you. It is an internal, balanced state of spiritual and mental peace. Being in touch with your true nature or soul.

This is a movement that each of us can make. Think about how you switch your perception when you read a book. There is an intelligent awareness that takes over so you freely move between perceiving the plot and the world that unfolds during the act of reading the printed words. True inner peace is a process and a journey. How do we shift into that stillness?

Tools to get you there

  1. Conscious Breath:  Your breath has always been with you. Breathing with awareness is a powerful tool to use on your journey towards inner peace. Close your eyes. Direct your attention to your breath. Pause. Keep breathing. Allow time and your breath to join together to soothe your limbic system.

  2. Vulnerability:  We may conceal our true feelings to not look weak, small or less than. Our family system may have taught us to see sadness, fear, and anger as inappropriate or dangerous. Out of loyalty we try to hide them for fear of being judged. Living inauthentically leads to dead ends. Connecting with others from a place of vulnerability, choosing to show up and not hide your emotions but rather express with intention and honesty. Understanding this is a process, laying down new neural pathways in the brain.

  3. Meditate:   Meditation is calming. It helps to see life’s challenges more clearly and introduces awareness into our lives. Compare this to when you are on your phone or laptop and zoom into an image to see it more clearly. When meditating, we presence and explore things seeing them in a higher resolution, and the answers become visible whereas in ordinary consciousness this is not so. When you struggle with a problem stop and spend a few minutes meditating, then notice the difference. Try one of the many different types of meditation: traditional, guided, contemplative, breath, sound, mantras, and walking in nature.

  4. Be true to yourself:  Nothing is more diminishing than living a life of someone else’s vision, allowing others to determine your choices. To be yourself is brave. Get to know your true self. Live your life — trust in yourself and honour your purpose.

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