Holding Space

Holding space is one of the highest gifts we can give to each other. We walk alongside them without judgment, with whatever shows up: opening and expanding our hearts so they can access theirs.

Part of holding space is to allow all your senses to open. It is a way of being present and listening, seeing, and experiencing fully. It is very much an energetic and spiritual process, truly profound.


You need to develop the capacity to be present with the experience without having a reaction or being triggered. When immersed in a reaction you are having an unconscious response to an earlier event that has not been integrated. You are not in clear witness consciousness.

Witness consciousness is a state of higher of awareness where you observe and feel the emotions but do not merge with them. Simply noticing, being present to what someone is feeling, not judging. If you are with the emotions or situation but feel nothing or detached, you are most likely disassociating. In the beginning it can be confusing to distinguish the difference, so you need to listen.


When we come from compassion this is a state of loving kindness. Whether you are a healer, therapist or are just holding space for a fellow traveller, we need to approach this as one equal meeting another. If we feel superior about being able to hold a space then it becomes about judgment, and is no longer a clear, safe space.

Holding with compassion allows the person the freedom to have their own experience.

On the Rise

Each of us possess the innate ability to hold space. We need to allow ourselves to simply be empty: if something arises, we recognize, acknowledge and allow it to move through us. Holding space is a spiritual practice within itself. The more you practice, the more capacity you develop, and the better able you are to hold space for other people, and then to hold for the collective. This can become a way of contributing to global issues that face us all.

Although it may sound easy, it takes time and practice to build the capacity. If you are a beginner or new to this, learn and develop by doing a practice, starting to hold space for yourself.


Begin with the intention of holding space for yourself. Then become aware of your breath: center yourself aligning body, mind and spirit. Allow yourself to be in the moment. Scan your body. Listen deeply with all your senses. Open to holding the space in a loving, kind, compassionate way. Any thoughts or judgments that come up, notice, and let them move through.

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