Conscious Journey Notes

A large part of this journey is to become fully present and living in the NOW. We all struggle with it in our own ways. You think you are living in the now but before you know it you are sliding into your ‘Dreams of What your Life Could be Like if …’ or your ‘Illusions of How your Life Could be Better if it Was not For …’

This isn’t an analysis of illusion it’s a challenge to become more Present in your own life… to become a participant instead of an observer.


There is a wanting deep within you that you are not listening to and perhaps have not listened to for a long time. You might not even know or recognize it’s there.  It’s time to tune in and be Present in your life

It can be a struggle because you need to start believing that you are worth the time and effort that you invest in others. It means you need to start feeling what you’re feeling and being in your body. For some this will be a relearning process enabling a fuller experience of life and the people you love.

Development Steps

You might want to try using something like the ‘invisible clock’. It’s a way of helping you stay more conscious instead of sliding into that automatic zone that can be so seductive at times. Where you just lose yourself and live in a totally unconscious way.

  1. You can use your phone or get a clock that you carry with you so you can have it with you at all times and set the timer to go off at certain intervals… and when it goes off you just check in with yourself and centre and ground if you have drifted away into nothingness so you gently come back.

And once again you are present… It helps you to develop an awareness and you might be quite surprised at how often you live in a daze or just check out. It can be a great learning tool in your journey through your awakening process.

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