Grounded and Embodied Living

Everything is energy including us. Energy is the source of our cells, bodies, health, and emotions including every fragment that makes up the Universe. Individually and collectively we can affect change in our life and our world. Higher frequencies give out vibrations of peace, acceptance, creativity, joy and love.

Why Ground

Scattered? Forgetful? Thoughts and feelings taking control? Or scared and don’t know why. Many struggle with feeling too much or nothing at all.

Grounding is to centre and detach from emotional pain, learning to stay present and be in your body. For some to be grounded is a new experience. It works by focusing on the external world instead of solely on your inner landscape.


When you are in your head and not your heart. Ungrounded people tend to talk a lot. Their head is bursting with over charged energy that must be discharged.  This overcharged energy can lead to anxiety and tension and the individual needs to find release.

Feeling spacey or light headed. Easily physically or emotionally drained.  Lack focus, annoyed or easily affected by those around you.  Feeling unsafe, anxiety, fear.  Absorbing energy, emotions, moods of others and feeling them as if they were your own.  Being vulnerable to lower or unwanted energies


When grounded you feel safe with no need to compulsively talk, act or react. A grounded person simply shows up. And is be energetically centred and sustained. You have access to your core, your wholeness and your discernment.  When grounded we engage both our physical body and our energy  allowing self-awareness, becoming calm and embodied. A person achieves psychological health when not living in the past or fantasizing about the future. 

Think of a tree with a strong root system giving a strong foundation to work from and the ability to spread physical branches outwards. A tree is strong and centred at its core and has flexibility to move when a strong wind blows and still maintains its footing.


Can be done anywhere, at any time. No one else has to know. It is effective to use when you are triggered, overwhelmed, or disassociating.

  1. Orient to where you are. Eyes open, scan around the room which helps you stay in touch with the present.
  2. Focus on the present. Not the past or the future.
  3. Stay neutral.  Steer clear of any judgments. Instead of saying it’s a rainy day and that’s making me feel sad and depressed… simply state it’s a rainy day and move on.
  4. Not the time to focus on negative feelings. Now it’s to distract from negative feelings not getting deeper in touch with them.


Strategies for Grounding


  1. Orient and internally describe your environment. The more of your senses you involve the deeper the grounding. 
  2. Safe statements: My name is _____________, I am safe right now and I am in the present.
  3. Count to 10 or say the alphabet.


  1. Carry a grounding object in your pocket. E.g., a rock or stone that you touch when triggered or overwhelmed.
  2. Make eye contact with a person who calms you down
  3. Run water over your hands
  4. Focus on your breath. Noticing each breath in and breath out. Repeat a pleasant word on each inhale (e.g., safe, calm, something soothing to you)


  1. Remember a safe place. Describe a place that you find calm and peaceful. Could be the mountains, beach, a cottage by the lake or a forest. Using all senses to bring the sounds, smells, shapes, colours…
  2. Coping statement: I can handle this, this feeling will pass
  3. Picture people or animals you care about.

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