Finding Purpose and Direction

Is today going the way you want it to?  Or are you drifting because you know something perfect is waiting just over the horizon?  When you look around, does your life tell you who you are?  What do you see in the reflection of the outer world?


There was a time when I had a great need for external validation.  Was I making the right decision?  I couldn’t understand how I would ever discern if I was going in the right direction.  I didn’t realize that sometimes we need to sit in silence with the questions we hold and the answers will find us.


There is nothing more soul destroying than a life without purpose.  Failing to be clear about what you care about and  your purpose and direction in life is.

The Journey

Your purpose is not your destination.  It’s a way of travelling.  Having purpose and direction isn’t the same as having goals … it’s something bigger and further away, that we don’t necessarily need to reach, but we can keep heading out in that direction…

Development Steps

Do you know what you want out of life? What motivates you? What drives you?

Here are some ideas to use as a thought starter for finding direction in your life and understanding yourself more…

~ Keep a Journal

Write your thoughts and experiences in a journal.  No one will see it but you.  Write whenever you feel like it and have time… you don’t need a set schedule or to write daily… let it develop organically.

Going over your journal can help you see new insights about yourself and your life.

~ Break your Routine

Doing the same things over and over again?  Move out of your comfort zone.  Change the pattern.  Be spontaneous.

Allowing freedom to do as you like opens your mind and gets you in touch with what makes you happy.

~ Pursue new Hobbies

Trying something new allows new insight into yourself and your talents. Challenge yourself!

You may discover a new passion, or just have fun exploring new activities.

~ Meet new People

Expand your social circle. Every new person presents a unique perspective and new experiences that help you understand yourself. It’s essential if you don’t feel heard and supported by the people in your life.

Find positive, like-minded people who support and inspire you.

~ Listen to Others

Different perspectives will help you discover new insights.  Be aware of what people close to you say… there could be some truth that you might hide from yourself.

We all see the world differently and feedback from others can help you reflect on something you might otherwise overlook.

~ Evaluate Relationships

Who you choose to surround yourself with, and why, gives insight into who you are.

Contemplate the people in your life and the roles they play.

Real motivation will come from within when your actions begin to align with what you care about.  Life Choices become Simpler  What to do and what not to do is more obvious when you have a clear sense of purpose and direction.

Be Brave  …   Be Bold

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