Healing Fear and Anxiety

I see many motivated and gifted people being stumped.  Fear and anxiety stops them from recognizing their power and even their own light.

It leaves some paralyzed from moving forward in their life and may bring on depression.  They feel disconnected from themselves and the Universe.

Polluted Beliefs

We carry distorted beliefs acquired in our experience of life … some happened in childhood or perhaps we’re born with some.  These beliefs carried through different incarnations and continue impacting our current life.  

Wherever these beliefs come from, if left untreated, they can have damaging impact on an individual’s perception of who they are and be an unnecessary burden.  This Distortion does not allow you to step into your Authentic Self. Instead of making choices from  free will they do it from the distorted belief and keep recycling similar scenarios until the belief is finally released.

Recognizing Patterns

Start exercising awareness ­­and notice if repetitive scenarios are happening in your life.  It could be in your relationships… playing out at home, work, or a feeling you can’t shake as you move through your life.  The first step is to identify patterns and then you can begin to deconstruct them.


We live in a rich and abundant universe and need only to open to be fully in the flow.  What stops us?  Why do we get stuck?  We’re afraid to do this or that and remain in the same place because fear has the upper hand.  Becoming our Master and we’ve lost  sense of who we are and the power we once felt within ourselves.


I faced obstacles when opening to my intuitive abilities.   I possessed talent and ability but was reluctant to fully open to it.  I didn’t understand why.  I was scared by the bigness of it.  It felt easier staying closed than to allow myself to be overtaken by it.  It was overwhelming.

I was experiencing things differently than those around me.  Instead of embracing it I wanted to fit in and to do things the same way as they did.  It was silly.

There was no way I could access that part of me while being closed to what was true for me.  It was a struggle to own this. That meant releasing my distortions of what it meant to be an intuitive and a spiritual being living in the world.   But that is the very key of who I am and when I closed to it… I closed to the essence of who I am.


We close when we feel threatened.  If we’re feeling fear or anxiety we’ve already closed.  If closed, are you living in a conscious or unconscious way?

Sadly, you have moved into the automatic repetitive patterns of where fear and anxiety lead you.  How you feel about yourself and what you deserve and who you are has become contaminated by the vibration of fear and anxiety.

Here is a quote from the Sufi poet Hafiz… take a moment to tune into the space it brings and you might be able to feel the consciousness and the light that is held within it…  

The space of fear and anxiety is total illusion.  It has nothing to do with reality.  It is simply a reality you have unconsciously banished yourself to and from this space it is impossible to manifest the life you want and receive what the Universe holds for you.  

Overcoming Fear and Anxiety 

How do you get out of it?  The first step is to begin to realize it is not you.  Now, you can make a different choice.   Instead of retreating into fear and anxiety perhaps you can welcome something different. 

You don’t need to go into a position of opposing fear and anxiety because that may only bring on more.  Don’t let yourself be tricked by fear and anxiety.

If you feel fear or anxiety don’t react, avoid or try to distract yourself instead let yourself finally feel it.  Get familiar with it.  Making friends with it.  The more times you feel it and start to get used to the thoughts and sensations they will begin to shift and subside.

When you run from it… it controls your life. When you bring into  consciousness and allow yourself to get familiar with it then it subsides and is no longer a focus in your life.


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