Epigentics Break Through to Happiness

Many cherished and valuable legacies are handed down through our family ancestor lines.   The tough reality is what’s also being inherited are archaic beliefs.  No one would choose consciously to pass these on. 

Through the science of behavioural epigenetics, we know that influences that genetically impact our lives are being handed down to us and our children.


Behavioural Epigenetics

Leading edge research in this field shows how it may negatively influence the inheritors of these genes.  Results reveal, when trauma occurs our bodies adapt and make physiological changes to better handle future stressors.  These modified genetics are being passed on to prepare the next generation to deal with comparable trauma. 

Sounds good; yet, if you or earlier generations were traumatized by living through war, domestic violence or sexual abuse, what’s passed on is a skill set of hyper vigilant reflexes that would prove valuable in unsafe, dangerous, life threatening environments. 

What if life isn’t like that for the inheritor?  It can be confusing and interfere with their present reality, make them feel damaged without understanding why.  Creating chaos within their bodies which may react as if they are living under assault when they are not.


Where does Happiness Fit

We look to our family lines to resolve inherited patterns, beliefs and traumas.  No longer bound by obsolete thinking we move forward toward something that reflects the modern world, ourselves as individuals, and where our consciousness lies today.

What about the wisdom, strength and joy that is also positioned in our family lines? Is that a source we can mine?  Of course, it is part of the legacy we inherit.



We get it all. We do not get to cherry pick. It’s essential to unveil a way to accept both the dark and light of our heritage because power resides in it. We can finally rest on the force that is held within all of it.  It’s our inheritance. It’s what has come before. Not our defining personal experience of us as individuals. 

This is a powerful position when we locate a place within ourselves to make peace with where we come from and all our ancestors who came before us.  This goes beyond the people we know about.

Welcomw a level of self-acceptance and happiness at being within your own skin and connected into those powerful, energetic lines we are all connected to.



Steps towards true happiness and contentment may need to be measured like feeding a new born.  This may be a new vibration and an adjustment to allow ourselves to be in a place of contentment. 

Rarely is anyone living constantly in a natural state of happiness and contentment.  Life has the quality of many states. That is how we get to appreciate the gradient shades of what it is to be alive and a participant in life.

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