Embrace Fear with Love and Compassion

In a blink of an eye the world changed and we entered into a time of major challenge and uncertainty. This moment will eventually pass, but while we are here how do we stay connected while practicing physical distancing or self-isolating?

Part of the solution is for us to stay human with one another while creating space for listening and sharing. It is no longer just about us. If we honour and allow ourselves to come from our heart space, we have more compassion and more clarity hearing in a completely different way making decisions from clarity not confusion.

Also, as we open on the heart level to one another, we enter into heart synchronization where we are in harmony and our hearts and our breath start to come to be in sync.

We are collectively experiencing this Covid-19 crisis and it’s one of the opportunities this moment is offering us so that we can use this time to break through in our meditation and spiritual practices, to understand our own process and find ways for meeting our fears and emotions.

As uncertainty escalates, we can lean into the power of our practices to hold us steady. That’s the gift that is here: if we find a way to remain balanced, there is a powerful opportunity for our own development and evolution.

Awakening Compassion

This simple, yet powerful practice, not only helps us meet our own physical and emotional suffering with compassion, but it opens our hearts to others.

Inhale the pain you are feeling into your heart and hold it there for three or four seconds. The more suffering you can inhale the more the heart organically expands to hold it. Explore, touch and feel every aspect of it. Exhale and breathe out love and compassion, tenderness and healing to wherever pain is lodged in your body, softening and releasing your jaw, cheeks, eyes, shoulders, belly and neck. Visualize or imagine this takes the form of radiant white light which you breathe through all the cells in your body and like a warm embrace holds you

Inhale again and visualize another who suffers as you do… a friend, perhaps, or even someone you don’t know simply another being on the planet. Hold their pain in your heart in all its darkness and then slowly exhale love and compassion through your body and out toward that individual. You can do this as a practice whenever you wish to help another who needs a little extra support.

Love and compassion expand consciousness and allows us to connect and synchronize with ourselves and others. As you open your heart to suffering on the inhale then on the exhale love and compassion goes out to the collective for those in need. Direct these feelings with an intention to be relieved of suffering and filled with peace, joy and contentment.

Repeat the process of inhaling suffering and exhaling love and compassion until your emotions become harmonized with your breath. Part of the practice is so it becomes effortless, breathe in pain and have it dissolve in the heart to exhale as love and compassion.

This practice allows us to move beyond the ways that our pain and suffering restricts us and awakens our limitless capacity for love and compassion. To practice letting go and opening your heart – every time you take action toward your own healing – no matter how small – dedicate it to people struggling all over the world.

You might end the practice with an intention that like you, every being in the universe be relieved of any anguish, pain or sorrow they are feeling and in its place experience peace, joy and contentment.


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