Easing into Conscious Awareness

One of the hardest movements we make towards our essential self is to allow whatever shows up.

To allow the process of growth
is to invite the possibility of
‘anything’ to show up

It is how you begin to eliminate the blocks and barriers in your mind.  Sometimes you may feel you are going in a straight line towards a destination, yet when you take a step back and place deep vision on it, you realize that you’ve been going in circles.  You did put a lot of time and effort into achieving something but you’ve been unable to attain it.   What went wrong?  How can you be certain you are going in the right direction?  Taking the right steps?


In any given moment you can only be yourself.  If you try to be anything else it never works.  If you allow yourself in the here and now to be whoever you are in this moment, wonderful things can happen.

Be yourself in this very moment, accepting or rejecting whatever it is then allowing the next moment to unfold.  Trust what is unfolding.  There is no way to know what is coming next.  To try to control it is to stop it… taking you immediately out of the flow.

It’s allowing your mind to open up so you can observe patterns, beliefs and a way of being.   In this practice you are not active, you are not passive, you’re merely watching.  Witnessing.  You are allowing.

Things will surface and you use your mindfulness and allow what is there.  If there is judgement… notice.  If there is no judgement… notice.

Whatever shows up…
you simply notice and allow
that is how the next moment will reveal itself

Your mind will begin to open up.  If you interfere in the process, trying to direct the flow, it usually ends in either tears or fears.  Something stops you in your tracks.

Case in Point

A client belonged to a meditation school for a number of years but left when the teachings were no longer a fit.  She tried a new school, had some questions and in the course of discussions with the new teacher, who asked her whether their school was the right fit for her.  She felt an immediate reaction feeling this was the only school for her.  Had to be a part of it.  In watching this reaction eventually was aware this had nothing to do with the school but a rejection by her father.   She was unable to consider whether this school  was a fit until she could separate out her issue and hold the reaction to see it for what it was.


Wherever you are you need to be able to look at yourself.  Understand what your blocks are.  What are the things stopping you from experiencing what is here?  Don’t try to hold onto it and figure out what’s coming next.  Just allow your mind to be open for anything to happen.  When you do… You Experience What is Here, 

Trust not knowing what will happen on all levels:  physical, emotional, subtle and essential soul.   This requires you to trust in your process.  Trust in transformation.  Trusting that whatever happens, it will be in your highest good.

The Core

When we allow the natural process of growth there is expansion and a lightness of being.  Restriction makes us close and we feel sadness and pain.  From the moment you think you know what should happen next you’ve created barriers.

There is no trust in yourself, no trust in reality, and no trust in transformation and growth. There is restriction and you again attract what you usually attract to yourself.

The key to this is so simple:  allowing yourself the natural process of change and growth and allowing yourself to go wherever it may take you, this is a journey of your essential being.

Allow everything else to drop and simply show up

Karen works internationally with people and businesses interested in psychological and spiritual growth and interested in transforming their lives and organizations. 

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