Dynamic Awareness + Subtle Bodies

Imagine calming your thoughts, directing chi into your body and building your subtle bodies with little more than focus and a basic ability you were born with. Or taking this focus which is also known as dynamic awareness and bring connection into your daily activities. Transport spiritual presence into tasks that otherwise would be performed unconsciously.

Subtle Body

The subtle body is the energetic layers of vibrating energy surrounding the physical body. This energetic field is also known as our aura or human energy field.

We sense energy with our subtle body and within the subtle body are our subtle sense organs with which we are able to perceive subtle realms.

Each subtle body layer works together with the physical body through our chakras and other energy points.

Subtle Bodies and Will

Dynamic awareness isn’t only contemplative. It contains an element of doing as well being. As you move through your life, the aim is to consciously connect subtle bodies while performing your usual tasks of daily living.

Part of any awakening process is to consciously combine dynamic awareness, stillness, and action to create and radiate a deeper knowing and development of your subtle competencies.

A simple example would be when brushing your teeth … take a breath and then hold an intention of linking your third eye, heart and root chakras before you begin. You are brushing away the physical but also are removing any energetic debris that may have been trapped or left behind.

This converts it from the realm of contemplative into your subtle bodies: doing something, taking action. This is one of the secrets to building your subtle bodies. The more consciously subtle bodies are utilized, the more defined they come to be. The more the will is intentionally employed through the subtle bodies, the more crystallized they become.


Stillness is not doing – it is being. Being moves us into the centre of our authentic true self which is the still point in the centre of us all. True stillness has movement within stillness and stillness in movement.

When we think of stillness we may think in terms of no movement; when in actuality that is a misunderstanding. As you explore stillness, you come to know that true stillness is not motionless.

True stillness brings silence. There is no suffering in stillness. Imagine an end to anguish and pain in your re-connection with true stillness. Stillness is innately present in the heart of each of us.

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