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Ever anxious, tense or have non-stop thinking constantly at play; emotions going up or down and around about like a roller coaster.

Sound familiar?

Whenever you are feeling scattered, out of sorts, overwhelmed or even nothing at all take a pause and then a breath to allow a tiny space and reconnect with yourself then anchor.

As a tool or resource your breath is always with you where you are or where you go.

Deliberate intent

Begin by being with your awareness.   Your breath puts you on solid ground regardless of what’s happening in your inner or outer landscape.

Inhale gently taking a breath and then exhale.  Initially the only awareness might be physically feeling the air coming in and out through the nose.

Instinctive order

Become aware of how calm, light and peaceful your breathing is becoming. There is a natural rhythm that eventually occurs.

You do not need to control your breath allow what is occurring instinctively. In time your breath organically reorganizes itself and becomes slower and deeper finding its own innate rhythm as you allow the energy of mindfulness to enter your conscious awareness.


by your

A mindfulness exercise


Karen works internationally with people
and businesses interested in psychological
and spiritual growth and interested in
transforming their lives and organizations. 

Metaphysical and Shamanic Healer
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
Intuitive Consultant
Trauma Therapist

Karen Johnson

115 Danforth Ave, Suite 201
3 minutes to Broadview subway
1 block east of DVP

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